The star "eats chicken" does not fall behind! Take stock of the game coffee in the entertainment circle

Group photo of five brothers of "High Energy Youth League"

1905 movie network news Recently, Haoran Liu, Karry, Zray, Darren Wang and Dong Zijian, five brothers of the "High-energy Youth League", successfully boarded the hot search in Internet cafes, and Dong Zijian, who got married soon, even brought his wife Sun Yi to sprinkle dog food. The game "Survival of the Jedi" has been popular recently, and the stars who love to play games from all walks of life can’t resist its charm and have become "into the pit". Today, let’s take a look at the stars who are "addicted to games".

1. Roy

Roy and Jerry.

Roy once organized a group to eat chicken with Jerry and Daxun Wei, and Jerry also sent a message to Weibo that he was very happy to eat chicken together. Some time ago. Roy’s assistant also broadcast live the video of playing games with Roy. I heard that Roy has always been very good at playing games and has the potential to "fly" everyone.

2. Kenny Lin and JJ Lin

Kenny Lin was photographed playing games in Internet cafes.

JJ Lin

Kenny Lin and JJ Lin are also well-known game café s in the circle. They have had a lot of fun with game anchors, and both of them have been met by netizens when playing games. Kenny Lin was photographed by netizens in Internet cafes many times, while JJ Lin had a "glorious history" of playing games before the evening performance.

3. Michael Chen

Michael Chen

       As a senior player of LOL, Michael Chen, who once joined the star team, will definitely not miss the popular "Eat Chicken". What’s more, he often plays live games in person, and he once said that if he didn’t enter the entertainment circle, he might become a game anchor.

4. Lu Han

Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong.

        Lu Han is also a standard game café. She was found by netizens to often play with her girlfriend Guan Xiaotong in the previous mobile game in the glory of the king, but now she seems to play with her girlfriend in the chicken eating game. I have to say that this dog food is also everywhere.

5. Karry


        It’s not the first time that Dong Zijian and his party "ate chicken" in Wang Jun Cain’s game. In the college entrance examination, some netizens once wrote a joke about him "playing the glory of the king every day in such a busy senior three life, and also won the title of" the strongest king ". It seems that Karry’s children’s shoes are also very fond of games, and friends in Haoran Liu, Roy and other circles are his "black friends".