Chery Automobile’s 2023 Tiggo 8 Kunpeng Edition & Arrizo 8 Double Car Shines on the Market in Shenyang.

Autumn is full of fruitful results, and technology recasts fine products. On October 4th, 2023 Kunpeng Edition & Listed Tasting was grandly released in Shenyang. Twenty-seven mainstream media café s from Shencheng came to the event site of wanda plaza, Beiyi Road, Tiexi District to witness the wonderful event together.

Since the launch of the Arrizo family, the product category layout has been continuously improved. Thanks to its strong comprehensive strength, it has won the favor of 900,000 users around the world and exported to more than 80 countries and regions. It has become a business card for China Automobile to go global, and has been selected for many awards such as "Most Popular China Automobile Brand" and "Best Model of the Year", which has won the recognition of users around the world. You can’t chase the past, but you can still do it tomorrow. It is the mission that the Arrizo family has been pursuing to continuously bring users a boutique car that is more in line with their lifestyle. The arrival of is the second landing of the automobile single product strategy, and will continue the glory of the family car leader with the strength of "all excellent".

Tian Yu, general manager of the Northeast Region of the automobile marketing company, came to the scene and said: "All-eugenic science and engineering men are the representative works of the latest technical concepts and user concepts, from styling design to product performance to younger and intelligent experience. Through all-round performance, they bring users, especially the younger generation, a comprehensive surprise! At the same time, it is also a brand-new strategic product that has been carefully built to strengthen the car category and provide consumers with more choices. "

Excellent car, more sincere courtesy blessing. Jia Xin, the sales director of the Northeast Region of the automobile marketing company, also sent a surprise plus five-fold car purchase gift to the majority of car buyers: ① Warm-hearted customer gift: a lifetime free maintenance worth 5888 yuan; 2 tempted financial ceremony: up to 3 years and 0 interest; 3 worry-free replacement ceremony: replacement enjoys a subsidy of 6,000 yuan; 4 Peace of mind warranty ceremony: lifetime warranty of engine core components; ⑤ Comfort Flow Gift: Free basic flow for life, and free entertainment flow for 3 years (2G/ month). Behind these rights and interests, it reflects that the car once again strengthens the user-centered warm heart, which really benefits users, lowers the threshold for car purchase for users, reduces the economic pressure on car purchase, and makes them enjoy a beautiful car-owning life more easily.

Positioning as "All-in-One Family Car in the New Era" is the masterpiece of the latest technical concept and user concept, and it is a brand-new strategic product tailored for a new generation of users. The whole system is equipped with 5 models of Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI+7DCT power combination, and the official price range is 108,900 yuan-132,900 yuan, which is very sincere and makes users at your fingertips.

All-excellent strength directly hits the needs of users and interprets the product value of "All-excellent Family Car in New Era"

As the first flagship car of the automobile 4.0 technology platform, it adopts the brand-new design concept "Art in motion", and has three core product values: Rubik’s Cube Intelligent Driving Cab, Excellent Beauty Aesthetics and Full Priority Front Driving Control.

Based on the global NCAP five-star safety standard design, it has more than 80% high-strength steel and is proud of competing brands. The unique one-piece knocker structure at the same level, three collision energy-absorbing paths and the design of double energy-absorbing boxes of the front bumper beam work together to ensure the structural integrity of the passenger compartment and bring a sense of security. Combined with the unique 10 airbags at the same level, it further enhances all-round safety protection. In terms of intelligent and safe travel, it is equipped with L2.5 intelligent driving assistance system, which has more than 20 powerful functions. Together with DMS fatigue monitoring+front occupant monitoring (OMS), it covers the whole scene of users’ cars and always takes precautions.

Equipped with the industry’s first I-intelligent education system and AI technology intelligent cockpit.

In order to understand users better and serve users better, it is equipped with the industry’s first AI intellectual education system, and has built a mobile "intellectual education cockpit" with nearly 8,000 kinds of free listening and broadcasting resources, sound reproduction, and interconnection between cars and intelligent hardware. Equipped with a 24.6-inch floating dual screen+LION 5.0 system, it creates an AI technology smart cockpit with a sense of technology and a sense of the future. At the same time, the unique AR real-life navigation, super-large panoramic sunroof, all leather-sensitive seats, endless colorful atmosphere lights, APP remote control system and many other intimate configurations at the same level have filled the sense of security, luxury and comfort during driving. In addition, the new car creates a C-PURE clean cubic cockpit through active self-cleaning+advanced fragrance system+intelligent air purification, just like a mobile natural oxygen bar. The configuration of brand audio and mobile phone Bluetooth key can be described as "icing on the cake", which makes users have fun every time they drive.

Yan value is justice, and Arrizo 8 reshapes automobile aesthetics.

He is a "science man" in the eyes of car enthusiasts. He is not only obsessed with technology, but also insists that every technology should be developed by himself. However, there seems to be some aesthetic concepts missing in the eyes of science and engineering men. But from the brand-new body, we feel that "science man" has a better change in face value. Thanks to the adoption of popular design elements such as Ling Bo dynamic contrast body, Ling Bo flowing slip-back shape, floating contrast suspended roof, and Atom meteor rim, it is ready to go; The front face is cut with a lingbo drill, which makes people fascinated. Flowing intelligent turn signal light+VIP welcome ceremony light, showing the design of "Ling Bo Flowing" light language, and the whole car has 528 LED light beads, which is very futuristic and scientific;

At the same time, 2790mm long wheelbase and 4780mm long body maximize the space of A+ class family car. Turning to the car, the streamlined cross-trim panel is matched with Atom’s multi-function steering wheel, which realizes the perfect blend of aesthetic design and function. The design of large-size suspended storage and sleeping pillows in the back first class show humanistic care, practicality and intimacy.

It is equipped with Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI and matched with a high-efficiency 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which brings the maximum power of 145kW, the peak torque of 290N?m and the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers under comprehensive working conditions as low as 6.5L, and enjoys the lifetime warranty of the engine, so that users can rest assured and drive comfortably. The whole system comes standard with EPS+EPB+AUTOHOLD, which further brings users a "stable, accurate, ruthless and economical" control experience.

The champion family member-the 2023 Kunpeng version was officially launched, and the new car launched four versions, with a price of 98,900-124,900 yuan. At the same time, in order to give back to users’ support and trust in the champion family, the car also prepared five exclusive gifts for users:

1. Financial gifts enjoy 0 interest for 3 years, up to 7,000 yuan financial car subsidy.

2. The replacement ceremony can enjoy a subsidy of up to 6000 yuan (not 4000 yuan for replacement of this product).

3. The basic traffic is free for life (the first owner) and the entertainment traffic is free for three years (2G/ month).

4. Upgrade Ceremony Free OTA upgrade for life (only for Lion Zhiyun system models)

5. Warranty ceremony Engine lifetime warranty

Champion quality, tiger-style upgrade as standard.

The performance of the 2023 Kunpeng version is still eye-catching, and it stands out in terms of comfort and intelligent configuration upgrade. The 24.6-inch super smart dual screen makes people’s eyes look brand-new. It adopts super-fusion unbounded dual screen to realize 3D ultra-clear interface and multi-screen information linkage, making the operation smooth and simple.

The whole car is equipped with luxurious 8-speaker surround sound, which creates Sony’s exclusive immersive and high-quality music feast for users, so that users can feel the acoustic effect of the concert hall when driving.

Focusing on creating a healthy driving space, the 2023 Kunpeng version comes standard with a C-PURE clean cubic green cockpit. With a green ecological design far superior to the national environmental protection standards, the odor and VOC (toluene, formaldehyde, etc.) are monitored from all aspects of materials, parts and vehicles, so that the odor of the new car can reach 3.0 and the whole family can enjoy pure breathing.

The 2023 Kunpeng version, which is both internal and external, perfectly interprets the profound meaning of "intelligent car entertainment companion". The Xiaoqi Intelligent Car Butler 4.0 has comprehensively improved the application functions such as AI intelligent assistant, intelligent interactive interface and situational mode, making the whole car intelligent and by going up one flight of stairs.

In order to meet the double demands of users in product quality and price, the new car is also equipped with ten standard systems, such as 0 gravity close-fitting comfortable leather seat and 4-way adjustable aviation comfortable head pillow, to provide users with value-added products.

Champion power, enjoy the tiger driving experience

The 2023 Kunpeng version is equipped with Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI engine. The data performance of its maximum power of 145kW and peak torque of 290N?m not only broke through the acceleration of 8 seconds at the vehicle level, but also achieved an ultra-low fuel consumption performance of 6.9L per 100 kilometers.

The performance of the 2023 Kunpeng Edition in terms of safety guarantee is not too good. More than 10 intelligent driving assistance systems and high-standard five-star safety design create a comfortable and comfortable driving experience for users from multiple dimensions such as active driving and passive defense.

Leap over the space and create a tiger-like space experience

In terms of appearance, the 2023 Kunpeng Edition has specially launched a brand-new dark blue car color based on the original color matching of pearl white and obsidian black. The pure blue from the depths of the ocean is calm and profound, which is a perfect interpretation of "Kun Peng’s soaring and subversive travel".

In terms of space, the 2023 Kunpeng Edition continues its super-large body, with a body size of 4700x1860x1746mm and a wheelbase of 2710m m. The 5+2 seat layout in the car can flexibly combine 12 space styles, which fully meets the diversified needs of family cars.

Every side wins-2023 Kunpeng Edition & The listing tasting meeting has come to a successful conclusion, and there is no banquet in the world. The initial intention of car grateful users to support the company along the way will not stop or change. Automobile Northeast Region and sales service partners will provide consumers with better products and services, and will create their own new legends.