Byd Han DMi real car to the store to share the real car map

Bihan DM-i has 121km and 242km battery life versions. For users with charging conditions, 121km battery life is enough. If you need to travel far away, you can use the mixed mode. The fuel consumption of hybrid vehicles is very low, and the total endurance can easily exceed 1000km with a fuel tank as large as that of ordinary fuel vehicles. Consumers should pay more attention to pure battery life when buying hybrid models.

Han DM-p pays attention to performance and is the best choice for both hybrid and performance. Its 100-kilometer acceleration time is 3.7s After the Sport mode is started, users can feel a strong sense of pushing back. Its pure electric cruising range is 202km, and its fuel consumption is 5.2L per 100 km, so the starting price of the car should not be too low.

Since the launch of the Han model, the sales performance has been very good, and it has achieved a good result of selling more than 10,000 yuan for many months. The Han DMI model launched this time can be said to be a model with great explosion potential, because both Qin PLUS DMI and Song PLUS DMI have a good response in the market. It can be said that the reputation of DMI super hybrid models has been established. Everyone knows that DMI is famous for its fuel economy, and Han DMI is no exception. Its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is less than 4.2L, and its comprehensive cruising range can reach up to 1300 kilometers. Today, with the rising oil price, whether to save fuel is still a key factor to consider when buying a car. In addition, there is no need to say much about the appearance of Han DMI, such as family-style dragon face design, brand-new penetrating Chinese knot LED taillights, proper coupe shape and large interior space. Finally, the configuration of driving safety can’t be left behind. DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system uses 12 sixth-generation ultrasonic radars, 5 high-precision millimeter-wave radars, 4 intelligent driving cameras and 1 intelligent driving high-perception camera, which can greatly improve driving safety.

As a derivative model in appearance, Han DM-i continues the design style of the current Han DM as a whole, but in order to highlight the identity of the new car, its details have been modified accordingly. Specifically, the large-mouth mesh of the new car is flatter in design, and the interior is filled with lattice grille. At the same time, the new car is decorated with bright black decorative boards at the edge and the outer edge of the lamp cavity, which looks more recognizable and exquisite. In addition, the new car is surrounded by aerodynamic kits similar to turbine blades on both sides, and with the prominent catfish mouth, the new car presents a stronger sporty atmosphere.

The new car on the side of the car body adopts the design style of four-door coupe, and the shoulder lines of the front and rear fenders are more prominent, creating a wide-body sense of sight. Compared with the current Han DM, it is equipped with a brand-new style of 19-inch spoke wheels, with exquisite anti-collision chrome-plated decoration above the side skirt, and the front fender version has its own chrome-plated nameplate. In terms of external configuration, the new car will be equipped with hidden door handles and rear privacy glass, so as to enhance the scientific and technological attributes and luxury attributes of the new car.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the Chinese DM-i version are 4975/1910/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2920mm respectively. Compared with the DM version now on sale, the length is increased by 15 mm.

In the design of the rear part, the new car will continue to use penetrating taillights to create a sense of hierarchy and also correspond to its scientific positioning. In addition, in order to echo the front face and show the integrity of the design, the rear enclosure of the new car also has more blackening treatment, and the "fangs" decorative strip has been newly activated.

Finally, let’s take a look at its power. The Han DM-i version is equipped with a DM-i plug-in hybrid system consisting of a high-efficiency Xiaoyun 1.5 T with a maximum power of 139 HP and a single motor with a maximum power of 197 HP. Its four-wheel drive high-performance version also has the ability to break through 100 in 3.7S s. In addition, the pure battery life of the new car will be 121km and 242km; The comprehensive cruising range can reach up to 1300km.

Here are some personal suggestions:

1. Friends who have a charging pile at home, or are easy to charge and diligent in charging, and can drive within 100 kilometers every day can buy a 121KM model. As for the specific model, it mainly depends on the budget. Personally, I suggest a 121KM distinguished model;

2. It is inconvenient or not diligent to charge, and the daily car distance is more than 100 kilometers. If the budget allows, it is recommended to buy a 242KM flagship model, or add 30,000 yuan to buy a Chinese dmp; directly;

3. I really want the 242KM model, the budget does not allow, suggestions, etc., and I may come up with a 242KM distinguished model or distinguished model in the later stage;

4. If you like to encourage driving, or especially care about driving maneuverability, if the budget allows, it is recommended to buy the Han dmp four-wheel drive flagship, and the 100-kilometer acceleration of 3.7S will be really fragrant.

All of the above are personal opinions. If there is anything wrong, please kindly correct me. Thank you!