Take a real shot of BYD Qin L: I have a good face and material, and the joint venture mid-level car is already shivering.

Qin PLUS is undoubtedly the head player in the compact car, and since it hit the "798" king explosion, it has been on the throne of all-category car sales in one fell swoop, completely subverting the situation controlled by joint venture brands.

Practicing BYD’s market strategy of "electricity is lower than oil", Qin PLUS has an absolute advantage in price on the one hand, and a very strong competitiveness centered on new energy strength on the other hand, and the value of gold is squeezed to a very high level, so it is reasonable to be favored and even supported by consumers.


If Qin PLUS has achieved the expected success and established its position in the compact car market, then it has made no secret of its ambitions for the mid-size car market.

Appearance: Inheriting the design of the dynasty dragon face, elegant and atmospheric.

As a brand-new mid-level car of Dynasty. com, Qin L inherits the design of Dynasty Dragon Face, which is elegant and elegant as a whole, and the details are worthy of scrutiny. At the same time, the new national trend elements integrated everywhere also reflect the confidence of China automobile brands.


In the attitude of the whole vehicle, Qin L presents a visual sense of wide body, low body and slender body. The body size is 4830×1900×1495mm and the wheelbase is 2790mm, which explains the mainstream positioning with the standard mid-size car.

In terms of design details, the highlight "Long Lin Armor" on the front grille is spread evenly in a lattice, which is very imposing. The three-dimensional decorative strip above the long and narrow "dzi Headlight" is raised upward, which is very impressive. The double waistline runs from the headlights to the rear of the car, which is slender and full of jumping rhythm, making the car body have rich light and shadow changes. The tail shape of the slip back is matched with the wide back shoulder design, and the taillights are integrated with the elements of Chinese knots, which makes the whole tail visually smooth and elegant.


It is worth mentioning that the drag coefficient of Qin L is only 0.26, which is quite high in plug-in cars. In addition, the hub is designed with 18-inch double five spokes, and the visual effect is also relatively advanced.

In other words, although Qin L is still in the name of Qin, its original appearance is very high. Coupled with the addition of many new elements and precise control of details, it finally presents an excellent image and temperament of a mid-level car.

Interior: inspired by China landscape painting, comfortable and elegant.

Qin L’s interior design continues the idea of the new national tide, draws inspiration from China’s landscape paintings, and makes many innovations in modeling, experience and space.


First of all, the overall cockpit design is very harmonious and rhythmic. With the interior color matching of Xuanwu Grey, the atmosphere and advanced tonality are in place. The cockpit can give people a very emotional and comfortable perception, and it really gives people a comfortable and immersive experience like a landscape painting in China.

And this feeling will continue to more details. The long screen design of the scroll extends to the door panels on both sides, which increases the embracing feeling of the whole cabin, and forms a clever profile combination with the jade case instrument platform below, which increases the layering feeling of the whole cabin. At the same time, the 8.8-inch LCD instrument is completely embedded in the long screen of the scroll, which makes the combination of technology and national tide more integrated. In addition, the design of the air outlet of the air conditioner also incorporates the ingenuity of Chinese knots and Soviet-style cloud windows, and the fine texture has a classical charm.


It continues the multi-level design architecture and suspension characteristics, and also incorporates the elements of Chinese knots. Through the simple profile and personalized concave design, it provides a natural grip and a relaxed and convenient touch feeling. The gear handle adopts exquisite cutting technology, which is comfortable to hold. The core functions such as starting, shifting and driving mode are integrated around the gear handle, which is very convenient for daily operation.

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The seat is quilted with two colors, which has a good texture and touch. The interior of the seat is covered with a large area of flexible sponge, which is very soft and has good support. The structure fits all body parts of the head, neck and waist, and the space is spacious enough to ride lightly and comfortably. Of course, the front seat ventilation, heating and other comfort functions are not absent.

Worth looking forward to: intelligence, sound insulation and suspension

Although it was a static experience, the car failed to run, but besides the exterior and interior design, some known information of Qin L is worth focusing on.


The first point is intelligence. Qin L is equipped with a 15.6-inch adaptive rotating suspension Pad, which matches the DiLink intelligent network connection system. The mainstream intelligent functions are all available, and the interactive experience is as good as ever. With the addition of intelligent power on and off, 6kW mobile power station and wireless charging of mobile phones, Qin L has a higher convenience in using electricity.


In addition, sound insulation and suspension deserve more attention.

In terms of sound insulation, due to the comprehensive sound insulation package design of the whole vehicle, and based on the optimization design matching of suspension attachment stiffness and suspension frequency avoidance, the mute and vibration filtering ability in the vehicle can be greatly improved. As far as static experience is concerned, the sound insulation effect at idle speed is excellent.

In terms of chassis, Qin L adopts the former McPherson type and the rear E type four-bar independent suspension. Structurally speaking, the full-frame front subframe and the rear four-bar rear suspension can support the control attribute, while the rear flexible subframe and the 18 bushings of the four-bar can reduce the road noise and ensure the comfort of the rear row.

So the dynamic performance of Qin L is really worth looking forward to.


The launch of Qin L and Qin PLUS formed a layout of large and small Qin, which made BYD Dynasty network fully cover the mainstream car market and further expanded its competitive power. The positioning of Qin L mid-level car just meets the advanced car demand of many family users, and it also means that it will enter the core competition circle of joint venture enclosure.

Judging from the current static experience, it can be seen that Qin L has made enough preparations for a big fight. If the starting price is really expected to be around 120 thousand yuan, it is really very, very fragrant.