Comments on 2021 BYD Qin PLUS DM-i 55KM flagship model

The plug-in hybrid model of Qin PLUS DM-i and the oil-electric hybrid model of joint venture brand are almost at the same price. First of all, Qin PLUS DM-i is not only larger in size and more fashionable, but also has a huge advantage: it can get a new energy license and is exempt from purchase tax. Secondly, the official "3.8L fuel consumption per 100 kilometers in the state of power loss" is really surprising. You should know that such data has reached the level of hybrid electric vehicles. Today, the team leader commented on the Qin PLUS DM-i 55KM flagship model. Its pure battery life is not that big, but its price is 26,000 yuan cheaper than that of the 120KM flagship model.

[Satisfied] 1. It is equipped with a very well-known DM-i hybrid technology, and its fuel consumption performance and dynamic response are all good in the same class. 2. The big mouth design of Longyan Aesthetics looks better with the logo of Shangqin. 3. The interior atmosphere is good, and the interior color matching with deep top and shallow bottom is warm and suitable for home use. 4. The response speed of the central control big screen is good. 5. It is still "fragrant" when it is bought and used as an oil truck without charging conditions.?

[most dissatisfied] 1. The exterior paint of the vehicle is relatively thin. 2. There is no air outlet of rear air conditioner. 3. The head space in the back row is average. There is no discount in the terminal market.?

[Driving experience] Qin PLUS DM-i 2021 DM-i 55KM flagship feels good when it is open. This powertrain runs in the urban area, and the acceleration is linear and direct. The throttle performance in the initial stage is very heel-to-toe.?

[Ride experience] Although the front seats are slightly stiff, the overall comfort is acceptable. Leg space in the back row is good, but the head space in the back row is average, and tall people will feel a little depressed when riding for a long time.

[Fuel consumption]The comprehensive cruising range of the Qin PLUS DM-i 55km version can reach 1180km with full oil and electricity, and the fuel consumption is 3.8L/100km. The comprehensive fuel consumption of daily actual driving is basically stable at 4.2-5.2L/100km.