Huawei asked the world M5 to go to the store for real shooting, positioning a medium-sized SUV, equipped with Hongmeng OS system, and a 1.5T range extender.

Recently, the car brand has been upgraded to "HUAWEI Q Jie", and its models have also been renamed HUAWEI & M7 simultaneously, and Q Jie M5 has received the attention of many consumers and become the dark horse of 300,000-level new energy models. The current price range is 25.98-33 1,800 yuan. Today we went to the store to experience the 2022 M5 rear drive standard version. Let’s take a look together.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the M5 is made of a trapezoidal air intake grille, with exaggerated fog lamps on both sides, and a raised rib line on the engine cover. The headlight group is designed to be slender and LED light sources are used inside. However, for a new energy model, the headlight design is relatively flat and there are no bright spots.

The M5 is positioned as a medium-sized SUV. In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4770 * 1930 * 1625mm, and the wheelbase is 2880mm. It is better than the same-class models in terms of body data. The side design of the body is relatively simple, the lines are relatively smooth, and the hidden door handle is used to effectively reduce the wind resistance. The following is a 20-inch multi-format motion, with wheels.

The rear design of the car is relatively simple, and the overall design style is relatively round. It adopts the popular through-type taillight design, which is highly recognizable. However, this design is already conservative in new energy models, but it is very attractive and can meet the aesthetic needs of most consumers.

In terms of interior, the smart cockpit created by the vehicle interior is very good, the overall design style is very simple, the central control adopts T-shaped layout design, with 10.25-inch full LCD instrument and 15.6-inch central control large screen, equipped with car machine system, the UI interface of the central control screen will make users feel very familiar, in terms of Internet experience can reach the same level of leadership, and can be connected with mobile phones, smart watches and other mobile end points.

In terms of space, as a medium-sized SUV, it currently only offers a 5-seat layout, and the space is still very spacious. My height is 180cm. After adjusting the front seat, the head has about 1 punch, keeping the front row unchanged. When entering the rear row, the legs have a distance of about 2 punches, and the head space is about 2 punches. This kind of space is completely sufficient for the four mouths, and the riding experience is very comfortable.

In terms of power, the model we saw this time is a range extension system composed of a 1.5T engine and a permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 92kW, 205N · m, a maximum motor power of 200kW, a maximum torque of 360N · m, and a 100-kilometer acceleration time of 7.1 seconds. The power performance is sufficient for household use.

Summary: Ask the world M5 is very good in intelligent experience, power performance is also very good, comprehensive strength is very good, Hongmeng OS system is also very good in the major car system, ask the world M5 takes into account fuel economy, in the 200,000 level entry-level models The configuration is already fully equipped, it is worth recommending, if you want to see the car, you can go and see it in person.