Let Tang Detective 2 tell you what kind of movies are the most popular now?

Congratulations!Up to now, the box office of the film has exceeded 2.5 billion, surpassing2.21 billion, won the 2D movie champion!


In addition, both those in the same period and those in New Year’s Eve chose 2D format, so we can’t help but notice that — — 2D movies are picking up!


Why do they all choose 2D movies?


Xiaogang Feng, the director of Fanghua, has never made a 3D film, and Chen Kaige, the director of The Legend of the Demon Cat, insisted on using 2D distribution. He said, "Photographer Cao Yu and I are very opposed to 3D. If it is 3D, we are sorry that it took us six years to build the Tang Cheng. We hope to make a long scroll and slowly open it in front of the audience to let everyone know what is the beauty of China. "


Chen Kaige’s explanation is that 3D movies can’t perfectly present the details of movie pictures on the big screen, but 2D movies can not only overcome this trouble, but also make the pictures clearer and brighter.



This makes us know more about the difference between 2D movies and 3D movies. Although 3D movies are stereoscopic, they have lost the pursuit of exquisite pictures and bright colors.


What’s the market for 2D movies?


Looking back at the top ten box office in 2016 and 2017, only one 2D movie in 2016 entered the top ten.



However, in 2017, there were already three 2D movies in the top ten, namely "Shameful Iron Fist" and "Fanghua". If you count the 1.8 billion box office released on December 29th, then there are actually four 2D movies in the top ten in 2017.



In the Spring Festival of 2018, Catch the Demon 2 and Chinatown Detective 2, which led the box office, were all released in 2D.


It is not difficult to see that our audience is also contributing to the box office growth of 2D movies.


What do popular 2D movies look like now?


Up to now, the top five domestic 2D movies at the box office are Detective Chinatown 2, Shameful Iron Fist, Ex 3: Goodbye to Ex 2.



Below, let’s sum up the reasons why they won!


1. IP is highly recognized and has a certain fan base.


We found that they are all sequel to the movie whose previous works have a good reputation among the audience. This shows that the original IP, which is recognized by the public, is itself propaganda, so these sequel to the movie have already had a certain number of fans without being released.



Among them, Harmony and Man in a Embarrassed Road are both high scores of Douban’s score of 7.4, which also makes the series of "Tang Tan", "Mahua FunAge" and "Man in a Embarrassed Road" have high expectations for the audience.


2. Comedy-oriented, winning by stories, details and performances.


From the perspective of story types, these five films are all mixed with comedy. Catch the Demon 2 is a combination of China’s magic type and comedy type, Shameful Iron Fist is a combination of fantasy and comedy, Chinatown Detective 2 is a combination of reasoning and comedy, Ex-3: Goodbye to Ex-3 is a combination of love and comedy, and A Corner of Hong Kong is a comedy type. Besides "Catch the Demon 2", the rest are not focused on magic and special effects, but win with stories and details.


Judging from the completeness and quality of the story, the best one is Detective Story 2 in Chinatown. Although the reasoning is not as good as the first one, the story is still complete and there are many jokes. Moreover, we see that the director is building a Chinese-style reasoning Tang Tanyu Zhou step by step, which makes people look forward to the third "Tokyo Chapter".


In addition, the details of the film are also well done and worthy of scrutiny. For example, the surnames of Qin, Tang and Song San are the names of three dynasties in China, and Tang Ren’s eight diagrams, dragon ruler dress, and many tributes in the film, etc.


These days, even sitting on the subway, you can hear people talking about "who do you think that Q is?"



Although the plot of "The Iron Fist of Shame" is old-fashioned, it is based on the drama script polished by the theater, and many bridges can frequently poke the audience’s jokes, and the performances of Allen and Mary are also remarkable.



"Ex-3: Goodbye to Ex-3" captures the psychology of some urban men and women, and the emotional details such as friction and competition between some couples are quite resonant.



Although "Catch the Demon 2" has the word-of-mouth blessing of its predecessor, the story is too simplistic and too young, which makes the main consumer of China movies after 1990s uninterested in going to the movies, so this is one of the reasons why this film was quickly overtaken by "Detective Chinatown 2" at the box office during the Spring Festival.


But Huba is really cute! In the whole process of watching movies, Shadow Sister watched Hu Ba act cute, and some small expressions and details were handled in a special way. I smiled like a virgin from time to time, hee hee.



The first film in the Chinese language market, A Man in a Long Way, was the first film to break through the box office mark of one billion yuan. Yingmei remembers that when watching A Man in a Long Way, the movie theater was filled with successive bursts of laughter.


However, when I watched "Hong Kong Long", I lost that sense of surprise, but some tributes were full of embarrassment. But it is undeniable that the story is complete and coherent, and the contradictions and conflicts are reasonable enough to attract a group of viewers to watch the movie.



3. Star effect, aiming at users accurately


On the whole, Shadow Sister thinks that the users of Chinatown Detective 2 are the best, and Wang Baoqiang, Haoran Liu, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Shawn and the beautiful Tong Liya in the egg have basically achieved full coverage. Haoran Liu and Tsumabuki Satoshi, in particular, are now the favorite idols of young women.





From the user’s portrait, there are 41.8% male audience, 58.2% female audience, 29.4% audience aged from 20 to 24, and 27.7% audience aged from 25 to 29.



The proportion of female audience is as high as 62%, while that of male audience is only 38%. Shadow sister thinks that maybe it is the mother who takes the children to watch more. After all, Hu Ba is so cute that children love it! The age proportion of the main audience is still in the post-90 s of 20-29 years old, and this group is also the main consumer of contemporary movies.


Don’t talk about children, even the shadow sister likes Hu Ba in MengMeng!



"Shameful Iron Fist" comes from the original class of "Mahua FunAge", and they have a certain fan base. They also invited the classic "Cut the Plum" cp in "goodbye mr. loser", accompanied by music and plum props, and the comedy level was upgraded again.



Therefore, the ratio of male to female is slightly more balanced than the first two films, with 43.4% males and 56.6% females, but the audience is mostly female.



The number of people watching Ex-3: Goodbye to Ex-3 is much larger than that of men. As can be seen from the poster of the film, two male leading actors, Han Geng and Ryan, occupy most of the middle area of the picture, while three actresses are distributed in the corner and the proportion is very small, which is obviously to attract young female audiences.



The data also shows that this film has the highest proportion of female audience among these films, reaching 60.7%, while male audience only accounts for 39.3%. In terms of age distribution, the younger audience from 20 to 24 also accounts for the largest proportion, reaching 33.2%.



"Hong Kong Long" was released earlier, so the user portrait can’t be analyzed for the time being. But there are excellent word-of-mouth comedians like Xú Zhēng and Bao Beier, which is enough to attract comedy-loving audiences to the cinema.



From this point of view, blockbuster special effects are good, but highly recognized IP, good stories, exquisite details, and movies that accurately target the audience also have the possibility of winning a gratifying box office.


To put it bluntly, the form of the film presentation is dazzling, and without excellent content, it still can’t be praised by the audience.


Finally, congratulations to "Tang Detective 2" for its success in deus ex, which won the top box office in this Spring Festival, and also became the highest box office of 2D movies, the highest box office since the beginning of 2018! Congratulations!



So, as an audience, do you want to see more 3D movies or 2D movies in the cinema?