Please answer the 2020 I idol’s disqualification, the anchor’s turning over, and the artists’ magical illustrations.


He Jiong probably didn’t expect, rice circle support gifts never tacitly, who sent? how much is it? The accounts of various support clubs are basically clear, so why did everyone suddenly point the finger at him?

Last night, the discussion post of "Happy Camp Receiving Fans’ Support Gifts" from Douban spread to Weibo and quickly rose to the top of the hot search list. He Jiong issued a response in the early morning:

The program tidbits posted in the discussion post were indeed taken out of context, but it did become a key action for him to get away with it. However, it would be a good thing if the trend of sending and receiving the same crime could stop here.

Here, He Jiong is busy posting that "no more gifts."

Over there, the handsome men and beautiful women who are rewarded with stars, relying on the wonderful standing position and the crocodile toys in stock, dominated the screen for several days.

The old four major flows, the new summer limit, the popular actresses in the drama market, symmetrically arranged, can be CP in pairs. This station can’t be made without staying up all night and getting hundreds of permutations and combinations.

Under the visual impact of Starlight Glimmer, money and real money, the story of Huang Junjie’s romantic heroine’s intimate recording is not enough for this giant melon feast.

However, Zheng Yu and Jing M.Guo can. They made a splash with two acting programs. Last night, 111 film and television practitioners jointly boycotted them. It’s huge, but there’s not even a hot search. You taste it, you taste it.

In 2020, too many houses collapsed. Under such circumstances, there are still countless "new houses" to be built. The old ones have gone, and there are many new ones. It is not so important to rebuild or not.

Entertainment industry (id: yulechanye)Summarize the fifth bomb in the year, and carefully arrange the magic picture book of 2020 artists for everyone:

Idols and fans

Fan economy is a double-edged sword.

This necessary quotation of idol industry and rice circle research was strongly demonstrated in 2020.

The Xiao Zhan 227 incident was endless from the beginning to the end of the year; The inner entertainment limited group was dissolved one after another; Change so fast, still can’t stop the young people who verbally shout hard, the desire to try to fall in love. While chanting the slogan "I am a person, not a commodity", idols enjoy the bonus of fan economy.

In the story of idol serial collapse, the rice circle that was cut with leek and injured by sickle is still the target of public criticism …

The new leek is still growing in the ground, and the new sickle is ready to open.

Before Zhang Songwen trained Li Wenhan on the stage, Jing M.Guo had given Jerry Chang an S-card symbolizing market recognition, and Tangai 101 also locked in the next summer early and actively opened its business. The gold mine of fan economy, if you don’t mine it, others will mine it.

1, Sean Xiao "broken halberd", fan economy reverse blade.

This year, for Sean Xiao, should be extremely long.

Fan economy, a knife, cut a wound that is difficult to heal, from the peak flow in summer to the idol of dereliction of duty who was denounced everywhere, and used an AO3.

Sean Xiao has become the most referential sample of all traffic stars.

Behind his "defeat" and the difficulty of his comeback is the public’s high boredom with rice circles and capital operation, and the most "ruthless" representative of the reverse development of the fan economy. Together with the help of the official media, it finally evolved into this difficult public opinion shock.

Pulling the time back to the end of February, Sean Xiao fans took the lead in boycotting the work "Falling" by the same humanities, thinking that the description of this article was insulting. It was supposed to be just a rice circle action, but the fans took a consistent organized and disciplined collective action and reported the fan community AO3 on a large scale, which led to the site being blocked.

Things got out of control, affecting many circle groups such as the same circle and the second circle, and rose up. Now, nine months have passed, during which he apologized twice and tried many public welfare activities, but Sean Xiao still failed to eliminate the negative impact brought by the 227 incident.

"Actor please be in place" invited him to be a guest singer, but he didn’t dare to mention a word in the early publicity, and he was surprised and silent in the middle of the live broadcast. Tencent’s Starlight Award is also a late confirmation of attendance; The news that the endorsement products were boycotted and the starring dramas were unsubscribed was also raging.

When the public condemnation was the most serious, it was difficult to verify the source and authenticity of several photos. The content involved the screenshot of He Jiong’s invitation to Sean Xiao as a flying guest to participate in the dialogue of the new season "The Life I yearn for", which made He Jiong and he both be scolded on the hot search.

Although as we all know, the origin of this situation is actually not in him. However, the mourning of Xiao Zhan fully shows that in the industrial logic of fan economy, artists can’t be independent of castles and secretly enjoy dividends.

The problem with the fan economy is not that it is out of control, but that it is out of control. Two sides of an organic whole, once out of control, the first to be responsible is naturally the artist enjoying the bonus. This logical change is also testing the ability of the artist team to operate and restrain the "fan group behavior".

2. R1SE is almost extinct,What exactly is the character of an idol?

The story of the collapse of the house is not uncommon over the years after the rise of the draft, but this year’s "disqualification cases" in the idol industry are "a mess".

From April, Jia Yi, a member of UNINE group, fell in love with Snow Kong and his amateur girlfriend, to P.O.I, X-light and YoRoll , which were connected in series with Li Wenhan as the starting point in September, to Yan Xujia this month, making a final sprint for the team’s performance. The speed and frequency of the romance was so high that the hero was replaced before the name was even clear.

Therefore, the question of whether idols can fall in love is once again introduced into the profession of idols. Is it a commodity? It even rose to the discussion of human rights.

Regrettably, the argument that "idols are also human beings" should have held water, but among these young people who are chasing after their dreams, lacking in professional skills, not singing a few songs, dancing a few times, but playing wild, it has become a far-fetched evasive word of "being both competent and upright".

Fans spend real money, time and energy on the idol’s career day and night, and then idols give back to fans by chasing dreams and rising their careers. This set of sales rules has long been the default established rules for idols in the draft circle.

The idol’s character, in addition to constantly improving the singing and dancing business, also contains strict self-management requirements, and a flawed imagination is worthless.

After all, when you sell your imagination for real money, fans praise you for abstinence like a living Buddha. You just smiled, didn’t deny it, and didn’t admit it. Then you can’t blame others for thinking that you are the default.

Referring to the female love beans who are also born in the draft, their self-management from body to private life is covered by this set of rules. When it comes to male idols, the follow-up operations of breaking up and spending money to see the full text of the apology all reflect the tolerance of all participants in this industrial chain.

The "limited" attribute of the idol draft is of course not the time of "two years".

These young people, who claim to have dreams, have not made any achievements in their careers, but they are caught in a strange circle of not observing the spirit of the rice circle contract on a large scale. They also involve cheating and other immoral behaviors that violate public order and good customs, carrying the stigma of "nine fish" (the fish that escaped from the net in nine-year compulsory education) and being questioned about their character.

In addition to falling in love, there are also those who are involved in the house collapse because of their parents’ bad faith, as well as Vin, Justin and Esther Yu. The rich second-generation people who sold in those years turned into jokes in the face of bad faith and refusal to implement them.

Even if the new list is only sharp, let into the pit’s show powder scamper like a melon.

The capital is good, the assembly line produces enough samples for fans to choose from, and high-frequency variety shows have spawned instant idols. Some of them have only been trained for 2-3 months, and even the pure wild can be directly employed; Pull the list, and there are also stewed pork over and over again.

From Idol Trainee to Youth with You 2, from Creation 101 to Creation Camp 2020, and from In the Name of the Youth League to In the Name of the Youth, eight programs have been promoted non-stop in two years. Next year, there are still seven programs, with at least 600 people, waiting to enter the market.

In the high-frequency operation of variety shows, regardless of the saturated powder flow pool, the idol’s career entry threshold is constantly lowered, and it is so frothy that lightning explosion has almost become a foreseeable danger. Even before discussing the immaturity of the idol ecosystem in entertainment and whether it can’t support the sustainable operation of the idol industry, these young people who are quick to stir up stew themselves.

Correspondingly, there are also rounds of reshuffle of idol brokerage companies.

According to previous online entertainment observation statistics, 90 of the 110 companies that entered in 2019 were new faces; Of the 47 brokerage companies in Creation Camp 2020, 22 are also novices; Among the 45 companies in "The Name of Teenagers", there are 19 new entrants, accounting for about 40%.

Many newcomers in these companies come and go as quickly as the idols they send.

It is impossible to stop the incompetent people who want to come to the gold and isolate the real gold and silver foil from the rice circle. Everyone wave upon wave, all want to copy KUN, rebuild YCY, and make a quick profit.

On October 7th, LAY officially announced Chromosome Entertainment, and officially started recruiting and training trainees.

What kind of "seedlings" can this person who bluntly said on the talent show that "this program should not be done this year, where can we produce good seedlings" bring to the domestic entertainment idol industry that is rapidly cooled after being squandered? Wait and see.

Second, stars and anchors

The wonderful year of 2020 will not only turn the idol circle upside down, but also rewrite the contempt chain of actors, traffic and online celebrity.

In an era when both content and audience are emphasizing verticality and differentiation, online celebrity anchors, led by Li Jiaqi and Viya, have become a national explosion across circles, ages and regions.

Stars began to chafe at the popularity of anchor online celebrity, and Li Jiaqi and Viya also appeared in variety shows and parties at the star’s home. The scene was quite a bit of a sigh of thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi.

You know, before Li Jiaqi and Viya became popular, celebrities and online celebrity were the same jobs in two fields-both entertainment content providers. The former’s territory is a comprehensive film and television drama, while the latter includes Weibo, Little Red Book, Aauto Quicker and other live broadcasts or Wang Sicong girlfriends. Online celebrity anchors and actors and idols, there are barriers, and even reached the level of contempt.

Now, this year’s barriers are being broken.

1, the anchor into the variety show, live broadcast under the stars, and the venues penetrate each other.

Under the epidemic situation, the crew stopped working, the stars "stopped working", and all types of work were online. In addition, Aauto Quicker and Tik Tok vigorously recruited star users and Taobao live broadcast flourished, more and more stars "lowered their posture" and entered the live broadcast room, rubbing up the traffic of the anchors in succession.

From Zhu Guangquan to Andy Lau, Hugh, Huang Xiaoming, Wu Yifan, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Meng Mei Qi and so on.

Powerful actors, the old top stream, 85 flowers, new traffic, people who promote TV dramas, sell movie tickets, and do variety shows, all of them put down their bodies and ran an announcement in the live broadcast room of the head anchor.

According to the previous statistics of Poisonous Eyes, between April and September, more than 110 artists entered the live broadcast rooms in Li Jiaqi and Viya, including 70 in Viya and more than 40 in Li Jiaqi.

Stars either enter the live broadcast room because of brand activities or are arranged by the project promotion period. The ultimate goal is to reach more sinking users in the live broadcast room, gain more exposure and make the most direct transformation.

For example, on the evening of December 4th, Andy Lau visited the live broadcast room in Viya to promote the film Shock Wave 2. During the 40-minute live broadcast that night, a total of 500,000 movie tickets were sold. Sales is the most direct and effective transformation, which is unmatched by any other program in terms of efficiency and quickness.

At the same time, the head anchor is also flowing to the "star field" such as variety shows, and enters the mainstream public opinion field with more entertainment content.

On the 4th and 15th, Viya moved the studio into "Life I yearn for", and held a public welfare live broadcast to help farmers in the mushroom house. The live broadcast+variety show+help farmers+e-commerce+public welfare blossomed in an all-round way. As usual, Viya was well received in his own site. She has appeared in The Prince of Lipstick, Detective Skillful Hands, Ace to Ace, Happy Camp, Flowers and Flowers, Women’s Secret Garden and so on.


The same is true in Li Jiaqi, such as Pretty Woman, I’m a Beauty, Mars Intelligence Agency, Happy Camp, Tucao Conference, etc. Even smoking photos have to be hung on the hot search for nearly 2 days like traffic stars until they respond. Last year, the covers of Hongxiu, Bazaar and Mr. Fashion magazine kept coming, and this year, I made a guest appearance directly in Home at One o’clock.


The head anchors are trying to get rid of the label of "bringing goods" and move towards "stars".

However, with the infiltration and evolution of the venue in the past year, it is not difficult to find that even if the live broadcast room becomes an announcement place with stable traffic in this process, it is still difficult for fault-level anchors to compete with the stars in creating topics and public attention.

In other words, the protagonists of the entertainment public opinion field are still the star artists, and the anchor’s business of bringing goods has also begun to turn to the dispute of stock. The trend of "announcement" of artists is constantly added to the live broadcast room, which is also one of the means for the head anchors to maintain traffic.

2, a generation of fresh generation of Chen

-On May 6th, Jackson Yee won the Best New Actor Award in the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards, while Zhou Dongyu won the Best Actress Award in the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards;

—— On September 26th, Jackson Yee won the 35th Hundred Flowers Award Best Newcomer Award;

-On November 28th, Zhou Dongyu won the "Best Actress" in the 33rd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award, becoming the third winner of the three-gold Grand Slam after Zhou Xun and Zhang Ziyi.

Some people get lost in the weak traffic that is easily obtained, and some people try to prove that they can afford this attention in the fierce heat and controversy.

On November 28th, Jackson Yee celebrated his 20th birthday at the 33rd Golden Rooster Award for Chinese Film. Although it was a pity that he missed the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor, the year from 19 to 20 was really wonderful for him.

When Better Days’s screenwriter said "You are an actor, you are not an idol" in a roadshow, Jackson Yee, who has been judged as calm and mature, shed tears on the spot. Although in a later interview, he explained that he was comforted and physically wanted to cry, it shows the weight of this affirmation.

A Better Days, a The Longest Day In Chang’an, Jackson Yee completed the transformation from an idol to an actor, and pulled back a game for the flow.

Waiting for him, A Little Red Flower’s pre-sale exceeded 50 million, and he was not questioned by the traffic, cutting fans and leeks; The Battle at Lake Changjin and Jason Wu play brothers; It was Zhang Aijia, Li Shaohong and Chen Chong who partnered with Zhou Xun and Sammi Cheng in the film "There is She in the World".

Crowding and traffic avalanche can not only bring flowers and applause, but also bring congestion and trampling. Under the background of Internet, whether individuals can catch this rolling flow and how to treat it, of course, there will be some differences.

But even KUN, who once stood in the front row of the idol team, knew how to keep a low profile and adjust the rhythm in the midst of great exposure and controversy.

Those who are slightly surrounded by love beans are evasive and perfunctory in the acting programs that they learn orally, and they are easily lost in the false prosperity piled up by fans with data, and then they can easily turn over the pages by shouting two sentences "idols are also people". This makes the idols who really strive to justify the traffic idols feel embarrassed.


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In the vanity fair of the entertainment circle, the magic drama about artists will never end, the old ones will disappear, the new ones will come again, and there will always be people shining.