Witness the "Chery Speed" Tiggo 8 Series 500,000 vehicles rolled off the assembly line.

[Global Network Automobile Comprehensive Report] On April 26th, with the Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ driving off the production line, Chery Automobile once again ushered in a new legend-the Tiggo 8 series entered the "500,000 clubs". This achievement also represents that the Tiggo 8 series has become a medium-sized SUV and seven-seat SUV of China brand, reaching 500,000 vehicles at the fastest speed, which has witnessed the "Chery speed" of China brand Chery Automobile. The Tiggo 8 PRO, which then drove off the production line, represents the new journey of the Tiggo 8 series to the next 500,000 vehicles, and shoulders the historical mission of Chery Automobile’s "vertical rise".

At the event site, Yin Tongyue, Party Secretary and Chairman of Chery Automobile, attended the event and said: "The success of the Tiggo 8 series is inseparable from its concept of taking users as the center and creating value for customers, as well as the support and trust of consumers. I believe that in the future, the Tiggo 8 series will definitely achieve more championship results!"

neverflybut roar to thesky

Chery Automobile sold 60,273 vehicles in March, 2022, up 14.4% year-on-year. In the first quarter, it sold 172,155 vehicles, up 25.9% year-on-year. In the first quarter, the global sales of the flagship SUV Tiggo 8 series reached 41,066 vehicles, up 14.2% year-on-year.

As a star model under the strategy of "big single product" of Chery Automobile, the Tiggo 8 series has always been aware of market changes since its birth in April 2018. With its hard-core "champion quality", the Tiggo 8 series has won the sales crown of medium-sized SUV and 7-seat SUV of China brand in 2020 /2021, and it has continued to sell well in many overseas markets such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Chile. "Global love" can not be separated from Chery’s persistence and persistence in technological innovation, and also can not be separated from the profound understanding and understanding of consumer demand. Chery Automobile has always been committed to better meet the needs and experiences of consumers. I believe that in the future, with the listing of star models such as Tiggo 8 PRO, Chery Tiggo 8 series will surely enter more China families.

The new standard of quality-collar medium-sized SUV, Tiggo 8 PRO is coming strongly.

As a brand-new flagship model of the Tiggo 8 series, the Tiggo 8 PRO is Chery’s further development of market segments, and it is a global power technology flagship car specially built for young home users. On the basis of the product lineup of the global power architecture, the new car will inject new kinetic energy into the rejuvenation and technology of Chery brand with the comprehensive innovative technology trend modeling and the new standard of the future smart cockpit quality-oriented medium-sized SUV.

Based on the design concept of future space, Tiggo 8 PRO adopts Chery’s brand-new "time-space matrix" design language in appearance, which brings people associations beyond time and space. At the same time, the Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with a new generation of Lion5.0 AI technology smart cockpit of "Lion Zhiyun", creating a "future cockpit" with intelligent equipment and a number of industry-leading configurations. In terms of power, the Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with the Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI/2.0TGDI engine with the title of "China Heart" and the strongest product lineup at the same level of Kunpeng DHT super hybrid technology, which will not only meet the needs of users for full-scene vehicles, but also bring users the only ultimate experience at the same level.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, Chery Automobile has continuously broken through the traditional marketing model and extended its brand and products to more diverse fields. Recently, the Tiggo 8 PRO and the sci-fi giant "Three-body" have joined forces to release the "Tiggo 8 PRO Three-body Technology Exploration Car", which not only enhances the brand image, but also shows Chery’s determination to embrace youthfulness.

Kunpeng DHT super hybrid, unlocking the new experience of "e+" era

Taking advantage of the "new four modernizations" wave, Chery has also accelerated the layout of new tracks such as new energy and intelligent network connection on the basis of continuing to deepen the traditional fuel car track. The Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ is an important model for Chery Automobile to lay out a new energy track. It has continuously expanded the strength of the Tiggo 8 series, and has become a leader in the hybrid field in China by virtue of the core technology of "3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes and 11 speeds" pioneered in the industry.

As a national-level new energy technology research and development project, the Kunpeng DHT super hybrid technology carried by Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ is not only the masterpiece of the hybrid solution in the global power architecture of Chery 4.0, but also shows Chery’s advanced technical strength in the field of hybrid power. Thanks to the core technology of "3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes and 11 speeds", Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ has achieved excellent results such as pure battery life of 100km, comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 km, and acceleration of 7 seconds at zero speed (two-wheel drive type), reaching the leading level in the industry.

In March this year, the Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ was officially launched with a surprise price of 155,800-171,800 yuan. Up to now, the order has exceeded 7,000 units. It is believed that the Tiggo 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ will meet the diversified travel needs of consumers and bring a new driving experience, and it will also become the backbone of China’s independent hybrid field.

Everything in the past is a preface, and a new journey is in sight.

Looking back along the traces of time, Chery Automobile has been driven by innovation for 25 years, and has gradually established a complete technology and product research and development system, and has always made unremitting efforts to revitalize China automobile industry and make China brand go global. In 2021, Chery Automobile’s global users exceeded 10 million, including 1.95 million overseas users. In the past March, it achieved an outstanding achievement of exporting 5,000 units in a single month. Up to now, Chery Automobile has won the "Top 20 Overseas Images of China Enterprises in 2020" for five consecutive years, and has been exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, becoming the "China Business Card" loved by overseas car owners.

With the 500,000 vehicles of the Tiggo 8 series rolled off the assembly line, the Tiggo 8 series will "start again". We believe that Chery Automobile will always be in Do not forget your initiative mind, constantly striving to provide consumers with better products and more exciting driving experience, helping China automobile brands to forge ahead and join hands with you and me to enter the next future!