Is it necessary to add tens of thousands to buy Jetway Shanhai T2? Or buy travelers?

We all know that last year was a hot year for square box SUV, and many car companies launched light off-road SUV products. Among them, I think the one that can be called the dark horse most must be.

Changhong’s sales volume after its listing at the end of September reached 10,000 in December. As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot. Look at the plug-in hybrid model, isn’t it coming? However, it has a new name this time, and that is Jietu Shanhai T2.

Although it has changed its name, there is almost no difference between Shanhai T2 and it in shape. The biggest difference, of course, depends on the power system inside.

Shanhai T2 is equipped with a 1.5T engine, with 156 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque, and a hybrid system with dual-motor electric drive and 3-speed DHT. The maximum horsepower of the system is 381 horsepower, and the fuel consumption is 6.3L/100km. In terms of batteries, it is used. The low-middle battery pack is 26.7 degrees, with a pure battery life of 129km, and the high-low battery pack is 43.24 degrees with a pure battery life of 208km.

Then it is worth mentioning that the external discharge power of Shanhai T2 reaches 6.6kW, which is a little higher than the external discharge power of 3.3kW of ordinary household trams, so when you really drive this car to go camping, it can support you to use more powerful appliances.

Now that we are talking about camping, we should also mention that, just like Jietu travelers, Shanhai T2 is not a hard-core off-road SUV. Its chassis height is even 15mm lower than that of the fuel version of travelers, and it also has no girders or even four-wheel drive. Its off-road strength is not as hard as it looks.

But! That’s right. However, its off-road capability still exceeds that of most urban SUVs. For example, its approach angle is 28, departure angle is 30, minimum ground clearance is 205mm and 700mm, and the proportion of high-strength steel exceeds 80%, which proves that it retains certain off-road performance, but it is not so hard. Therefore, Shanhai T2 actually focuses on leisure and self-driving. When you encounter unpaved roads when you go out to play, you can have better confidence to face them.

In fact, the space, design and vehicle parts of this car are no different from the fuel version of travelers, so we will directly talk to you about the driving experience of Shanhai T2 blessed by the hybrid system.

First of all, the most obvious feeling is that it is quieter. On the one hand, it can be driven by electricity now, and on the other hand, because it uses a double-layer laminated glass, it is used for daily commuting. When driving by electricity, this sense of quietness brings high comfort.

Then this car is also very imposing when driving, because it is very high, and the feeling from the whole car is very rough. You can see that there are these two handles in the car, and its rearview mirror is also square, including two anchors similar to the handles when looking forward at the engine compartment bar. You feel that this car is very hard-core.

However, it is still very easy to control. Unlike those traditional hard-core SUVs, there is a feeling of sailing. The driving texture of this car is actually closer to the feeling of urban SUVs that we drive every day. It’s easy to control, so it’s a comfortable feeling whether it’s the direction throttle or the brake. I want to talk about this car. Its braking is more active, and its braking is very sensitive at the initial stage. It took me a little time to adapt to the foot feel of this brake today.

Then this car will become very heavy if you turn it into sport mode, or turn it into sport mode, so I would recommend you to use the standard comfort mode in general.

I think this car is very easy to drive, but if you are used to driving an urban SUV, you still need some time to get used to it when you get used to it. Because the wheel eyebrows and tires of this car are a little farther out of the car body, but I don’t think these are problems, because in essence, this car is a very easy car to drive.

It’s a very relaxed and comfortable car. You just need to spend a little time getting used to these habits.

Because this car has no girders, it doesn’t feel like the traditional hard-core SUV. In addition, the whole chassis training style of this car is comfortable, and the road feeling is better than the road information, so you will feel comfortable when driving, which is basically not much different from an urban SUV.

Then, because there is a motor in power, there is nothing to be picky about when it is fully charged. The response speed of the whole power is very fast, including when I step on it all the time, and it will not feel abrupt at the moment when I step on the engine. I think this comfort is very suitable for a demand of our users in China.

In fact, in the past year, the market has been fully verified, and consumers still like the light off-road SUV such as Shanhai T2, because it has a hard-core appearance to meet our yearning for off-road life, and the driving comfort is higher than that of hard-core SUVs. The most important thing is that most people still stay in the city every day, so the light off-road SUV is completely enough for most people, and with the blessing of the hybrid system, the fuel consumption can also be laid down.

After today’s experience, I also have a lot of affection for this Shanhai T2, but the pre-sale price of 184,900-216,900 yuan given by it is still a little high. After all, there is a Raptor that starts at 160,000 yuan. Although the battery pack is smaller, people are all 4-wheel drive. Therefore, we expect that the official listing price of Shanhai T2 will surprise us in the future.