Sports star entertainment show sparkling Yao Ming Liu Xiangcheng movie darling (photo)

Guo jingjing

Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia. China News Agency issued Du Yang photo

  The film starring Liu Xiang Yao Ming will be released soon, and the new film Lei Feng starring Tian Liang is also being filmed. Many sports stars, in addition to their career development, do not forget to find some "part-time jobs" to improve their popularity. This issue of Competitive Weekly will take you into the other world of sports stars, so that everyone can see which sports stars are "part-time masters".

  Is like a spring gale, come up in the night, sports stars have become the darling of film.

  Liu Xiang, Tian Liang, Yao Ming, Guo Jingjing, Wang Junxia, Liu Xuan, Beckham, Jordan … It seems that the sports stars we are familiar with are more or less addicted to entertainment stars, and some even cause quite a stir in the entertainment circle. Yao Ming was praised by the great director Chen Kaige for his excellent performance in the public welfare film One in 2008, and Chen Kaige was a basketball player.

  In terms of popularity, many first-line actors in the entertainment circle are not as good as Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Tian Liang, Guo Jingjing, Beckham, Jordan and other top athletes who are outstanding in their respective sports. Their wonderful performance on the field has not only won honor for themselves and their motherland, but also brought them a high reputation, and at the same time, there are many images and fame that entertainment actors can’t reach. Big names like Yao Ming and Liu Xiang don’t need to use movies to enhance their popularity, let alone hype. Maybe, as Zhang Yuning said, making movies is just for fun.

  But living under the spotlight, how can you escape the hype and attention? Whether Yao Ming is in a movie, Liu Xiang is in an advertisement, or Beckham is in the studio, this is bound to be a topic that fans of basketball, 110m hurdles and football will talk about. Only Tian Liang auditioned for the role of Lei Feng, which caused a long-lasting discussion on the Internet. Some media even moved out of Lei Feng’s old teammates to judge, which shows that it is still enough for the big names in sports to walk out of the stadium and into the studio.

  This is also the original intention of most directors aiming at the big names in sports. They are famous, popular, and even have acting skills, and they have the talent and desire to perform. Why not? A small-budget film "Seize the Son" has attracted much attention because of Wang Junxia’s joining; A slam dunk in the air was a great success because of Jordan’s interpretation; A routine official film of the Beijing Olympic Games, because it included the figure of Liu Xiang, became a big-screen work that was widely expected on August 8th this year. Who can say that these commercial films and public welfare films have not attracted attention because of the appeal of sports celebrities?

  If you are red, you can do it.

  Just like a besieged city, the stars in the entertainment circle often organize a football match, while the big names in the sports world go to the screen when they have nothing to do. No matter Tian Liang, Liu Xiang or anyone else, guest appearances are always full of interest. It’s not surprising. Who doesn’t want to experience the mysterious life of an actor? Since Andy Lau and Jackie Chan, whose vocal lines can’t be more ordinary, can enter the music world and have made some achievements, why can’t Liu Xiang become the second Bruce Lee and Tian Liang become another Deng Chao?

  In the process of sports stars marching into the silver screen, the celebrity effect shines everywhere. While the examination site of Beijing Film Academy is always crowded, sports stars can easily become the director’s guests. Most of the time, the result of strong cooperation is a win-win situation. For example, Andy Lau, if he is an ordinary person with no fame or money, he can’t expect to produce a single in his life with his voice. But before he entered the music world, he was already a star artist. By going up one flight of stairs is much easier than starting from the same place.

  Therefore, there is no doubt that Tian Liang, Liu Xiang or other sports stars can’t perform well in movies. With the help of their super popularity and reputation, directors have got a high starting point. As long as they choose a role suitable for their image or personality and organize a strong team, they are not far from success. Play tickets across banks, as long as you are red enough, you can do it. The only problem is that fame is not used to be squandered. With the appeal of the stars, the films usually sell well, but if the director focuses on hype instead of production, the stars will eventually suffer.

  The beauty of a big stadium and a big field

  Fu Mingxia Guo Jingjing Liu Xuan

  In China and Hongkong, Guo Jingjing’s news mostly appears in the entertainment news pages. Although she hasn’t made any blockbusters or sung any famous songs, her image positioning has long been blurred between divers and entertainment stars.

  The more different Guo Jingjing is, the more value she adds.

  Great leap

  After winning two gold medals at the Athens Olympic Games, Guo Jingjing became the first woman in diving. Delicate, she and diving prince Tian Liang became golden couple in people’s minds. Since then, Guo Jingjing’s identity has been entertained. The identity of this amphibious star has made her worth soar and become the queen of advertising. At present, Guo Jingjing, whose annual income is tens of millions, is a well-deserved "elder sister" in China sports. Guo Jingjing has repeatedly said that she hates the title of "one elder sister" and is also very big for endless hype such as playing big cards and "dirty T-shirts", but it is undeniable that part of her commercial value is obtained through hype.

  Large microphone

  "I shouldn’t leave diving. I’m stupid. I don’t think I can do anything except diving."

  "China so many athletes, why gossip always find me? I think there’s really nothing I can do. I don’t look for trouble, but please look for me. "

  "Will enter the entertainment circle? No, I know my personality is not suitable. "

  Grand medal

  ● Single and double champion of 3m springboard in Athens Olympic Games in 2004.

  ● The champion of 3m springboard in Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

  ● Guo Jingjing won eight gold medals in the four World Championships between 2001 and 2007.

  Big movie

  Guo Jingjing got an electric shock for the first time when she was the heroine in Lu Yi’s MV "Left Shoes Wear Right", and they performed the romantic stories of "poor painter" and "rich girl" in the freezing cold. There are also rumors that she may play a role in Xiaogang Feng’s 2009 New Year’s film.


  While training for competitions, she wandered around various fashion and business celebrations, fell in love with rich sons, and sometimes broke some negative news, and didn’t leave the national team like Tian Liang. Diving queen Guo Jingjing is definitely a special case in China sports.