Help to keep up, prevent from returning to poverty and guarantee (decisive battle against poverty, first-line story)

Rob Ji Shi is sorting out his clothes. Information photo

The grid worker knows the situation at Yan Shilong’s (right) home. Photo by Yan Mingzhu

Zeren Dunzhu is inspecting the characteristic highland barley products displayed by the company. Zhang Yushe

  To accomplish the goal and task of poverty alleviation with high quality, we must solve the problem of follow-up assistance and form a stable and continuous mechanism.

  To do a good job in follow-up assistance, various localities have taken some targeted measures: to build poverty alleviation factories, so that people with difficulties in relocating from other places can work stably at their doorsteps, ensuring that they can move out, live steadily and gradually become rich; Strengthen anti-poverty monitoring through grid management, buy insurance for poverty-stricken households, and pay compensation specifically for situations where large expenditures lead to poverty return; Develop characteristic industries, expand sales, sell goods online, and lead fellow villagers to become rich and well-off.

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  Jishi Rob, a villager from Yangdianer Village, Mabian County, Sichuan Province, tells:

  Move into a new residence and learn new skills.

  I am 25 years old, and Yangdianer Village, Xuekoushan Township, Mabian Yi Autonomous County, Sichuan Province, is a famous poor village. One side of the soil and water can’t support one side, so it has become a poor household. In order to get rid of the poverty hat, the government helped us to relocate to help the poor. When I moved out, I still muttered in my heart: What’s the use of living in a new house? Unexpectedly, there is a poverty alleviation factory established by the cooperation between the east and the west near the resettlement site, and my wife and I can both work in the factory, which is completely relieved.

  Last year, my wife and I went to Zhejiang for two trainings in the county organization and became skilled sewing workers. In this way, we can work stably at home and look after our families. After all, our income from working can be 50,000 to 60,000 yuan a year, and the hats of poor households can definitely be removed.

  The poverty alleviation factory where I work now is only 5 minutes’ walk from my new home. At the end of last year, I took part in on-the-job training, and now I can make more than 10 clothes in one morning, and I can get more than 3000 yuan a month.

  At present, there are more than 100 workers rushing to produce products in this poverty alleviation factory, all of whom are poor households in Xuekoushan Township. This poverty alleviation factory, which started operation in October last year, was built by the county with the aid funds from the east and the west, and a knitting technology company was introduced. There are several poor villages in Xuekoushan Township, and the workshops are close to the resettlement sites for ex situ poverty alleviation in each village, which is conducive to the employment of our poor households nearby.

  The salary of this poverty alleviation factory in the first three months of probation is 2000 yuan per month. After becoming a full member, the monthly salary is the basic salary plus piece-rate performance, and the skilled workers can even earn 4000 yuan per month. According to the person in charge of the workshop, because the occupied land belongs to Liming Village, the income generated by the rental of the factory can not only be used as the collective economic income of Liming Village, but also be used for the dividends of the poverty-stricken households in the village.

  Getting a job nearby allows us to relocate poor households to "stay stable" after "moving out" and finally achieve "getting rich". Last time, the county leaders came to the township to express their condolences to the relocated households, and they also cheered us up, saying that the county would do a good job in getting rid of poverty through employment, and would implement labor order training for our poor people to promote the transformation of poor households from "physical" to "skilled". It seems that this poverty hat will never be worn back.

  (People’s Daily reporter Zhang Wen finishing)

  Yan Shilong, a villager from Yongli Village, gannan county City, Heilongjiang Province, said:

  After getting rid of poverty, take off your hat and go to poverty prevention insurance.

  It is said that my daughter is my father’s "little cotton-padded jacket". After the online class, these two girls run before and after to help with the work. How warm my heart is. At the beginning of 2017, when I was diagnosed with rectal cancer, the first thing I thought of was my two daughters. I have to hide this from them, especially the eldest brother who is studying in high school in the county. What can I do if she is delayed in her study?

  After treatment for half a year, the condition was controlled, but the family was also hollowed out. The policy of helping the poor is good. In the second year, the wife became an ecological ranger, with an annual salary of nearly 6,000 yuan for public welfare posts. With the help of the poverty alleviation team, I started farming in the yard again. Together with the village head’s 20-acre corn field, the whole family can earn 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a year. In this way, at the end of 2018, my family also took off its hat.

  Last year, my eldest daughter was admitted to a university in the provincial capital. When we received the notice, we were happy all night, and our efforts for so many years were not in vain. But the university is not compulsory education, and the tuition fee is quite high every year, and we are getting angry again. What should we do?

  Fortunately, in a few days, the responsible person and the grid worker came to the door. They told me that the government bought "poverty prevention insurance" for my family, specifically to pay for the situation of returning to poverty due to large expenditures. "Let’s raise money for the children first. After we get the tuition receipt, we can help you apply. If the tuition fee exceeds 8,000 yuan, there will be segmented compensation, so it is expected to get 8,120 yuan. " After listening to the number of grid workers, my heart suddenly got a bottom, and my child can apply for another 8,000 yuan student loan, and the rest of the money will be easy to make up.

  This is not the first time they have brought good news. In April last year, the county set up a party building service center, organized grassroots cadres as grid members, and each person guaranteed 30 households on average, covering all the residents in the town, specifically serving poverty-stricken households like my family who are at risk of returning to poverty and causing poverty. After that, Zhou Jingcai, as a grid worker who guaranteed my family, came two or three times a month. How to use the "new rural cooperative medical system"? What’s the matter with "replacing compensation with awards"? If you don’t understand anything, just ask. Big and small, they have helped a lot!

  No, the compensation applied for in January this year, at the beginning of April, more than 8000 yuan has already arrived! Plus the 8000 yuan student loan that the child applied for, the tuition for the second school year will be enough!

  Now these two children, the older one is paid by poverty prevention insurance, and the younger one is paid by state grants. When I think about their graduation in the future, I can’t help but say how happy we are.

  (People’s Daily reporter Zhang Yikai finishing)

  Zeren Dunzhu, head of the enterprise in Luolong County, Tibet, said:

  Expand product sales and help fellow villagers get rich.

  How does a small barley form a strong driving force to get rich? I’ve been thinking about this problem for years. In the past, our food factory was just a small workshop, and the only product was Shuimo Ciba, which was rough and could not be sold at a high price. Later, several of our responsible persons decided to upgrade and upgrade the products and enrich the categories.

  Stir-fried highland barley, Shuimo Baba, Baba biscuit, highland barley vermicelli, highland barley cake, rice burger … … After several years’ efforts, our Luozong characteristic product development company in Luolong County has produced many highland barley products. Barley, which once sold for only a few dollars a catty, can now be sold as far as 20 yuan. The average daily output of the company is more than 5,000 kilograms. In 2019, the annual output value reached more than 6.2 million yuan, and the profit was more than 1.6 million yuan.

  The biggest gainer is the poor households in the factory. There were 35 poverty-stricken households in Luozong Characteristic Product Development Company before. The annual income of these poverty-stricken households has exceeded 30,000 yuan, and all of them have achieved poverty alleviation. Now, everyone is gearing up and waiting to get rich.

  Sundin has worked in the factory for several years. When he first came, he had no fixed income. After coming to the food company, he cherished this job opportunity. At first, he was in charge of biscuit packaging, because he was inexperienced and his work efficiency was relatively low. In order to do a good job, he took the initiative to stay in the workshop at 6 o’clock every evening to work overtime and learn packaging skills. He had to work for an extra hour or two every day until it was dark. Not long after, his craft became better and better, and his income became higher and higher. With this ambition, he successfully got rid of poverty. Now he is full of energy, and with more and more products of the company, life at home can get better and better.

  With more products, we are thinking about making more efforts in sales and selling the products further. In recent years, with the help of Fujian and other Tibet aid teams, our products have been put on the commodity counters in coastal areas, and the sales results are very good. Last year, in "double 11", we took advantage of the online shopping craze to hold the first exhibition of friendship products in Luolong, Changdu, Lhasa and Chengdu, and achieved online and offline sales of more than 250,000 yuan that day. This kind of sales, I didn’t even think about it before!

  I was deeply touched by this "touching the net". After that, we also hope to open live accounts in Tik Tok and Taobao, so that more people can see our Luolong highland barley products, sell them to the north and south of the country, and let dozens of our brothers live in by going up one flight of stairs.

  (People’s Daily reporter Xu Wei finishing)