Chengdu auto show opens: luxury cars and affordable cars are "divided into two parts"

  On September 5th, the 22nd Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu Auto Show) opened as scheduled. Over the years, Chengdu Auto Show, as one of the four major auto shows in China, has been the frontier for major brands to explore the western market, with a significant strategic position.

  According to official data, more than 130 automobile brands participated in the Chengdu International Auto Show, with a total exhibition scale of 200,000 square meters. Among them, BBA, Great Wall, BAIC, Hongqi, SAIC-GM-Wuling and other brands have greatly increased the exhibition area. In terms of vehicle models, the flagship models of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are "two points in the world" with the affordable new cars of BYD, Geely, Jetta and SAIC MG, which seems to imply two trends of current automobile consumption — — "consumption upgrade" and "experience first"

  BBA: large-scale booth+flagship model tree brand image

  Luxury car brands stand out in the downturn of this year’s auto market. The data shows that the overall sales volume of luxury cars in the first half of this year exceeded 1.4 million, a year-on-year increase of 7.2%.

  At the Chengdu Auto Show, BMW won a large booth of over 3,000 square meters for the first time, ranking first in the booth of this auto show; Mercedes-Benz and Audi also appeared in a huge booth of nearly 3,000 square meters.

  In terms of models, BMW brought its luxury flagship — — 8-series family, and announced the price on the eve of the opening of the auto show: the new car has launched 9 models including 8-series Coupe (two-door hardtop version), 8-series Gran Coupe (four-door coupe), 8-series Convertible (convertible version) and M8 Coupe for consumers to choose from, and the price is 968,000-2.198 million yuan. While Mercedes-Benz brought the S-class rare edition (price range: 842,800-1,692,800 yuan), the new GLS made its debut in China. Audi is not to be outdone. The new Audi Q8, a large coupe SUV, officially announced the pre-sale price at Chengdu Auto Show: 770,000-1.02 million yuan. The new car is expected to bring a new flagship symbol to Audi, which has temporarily fallen into the wind.

  Obviously, BBA regards Chengdu Auto Show as the fourth largest auto show after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and treats it in the form of displaying brands. It has become their consensus in the southwest market to build brands first and then rush sales. What drives them to do this is the upgrading of automobile consumption — — More and more consumers have the purchasing power of luxury cars, and they are willing to spend more money on configuration, individuality, safety, power and environmental protection.

  Affordable cars: fighting for experience to cater to young people

  Another feature of this Chengdu Auto Show is that affordable new cars are on the market, such as the new choice of 100,000-class SUV — — Jetta VS5, the first model of Jetta brand, bears the high hope of "brand up" and is a Geely family heavyweight model Bo Yue PRO with higher positioning than the current Bo Yue, representing the new MG ZS with the trend of internet car use and the first European pure electric SUV— — Renault e Nuo, as well as BYD’s brand-new Qin EV and Qin (fuel) &hellip, which opened the global pre-sale; …

  Looking at these new cars, it is not difficult to find that they are doing their best to cater to young consumers: almost every car’s design is in line with "fashion" and "personality"; The interior and technology are also moving closer to the car habits of young consumers. The shape of the center console is mostly simple, and the large-size touch screen is the standard of the car networking. SAIC MG and Geely, which have made great achievements in the vehicle intelligence system, have done this to the extreme. For example, the new MG ZS has added a series of convenient and practical functions such as voice booking, WeChat pick-up, and express inquiry & HELIP; … Corresponding to this is the consumption trend of experience first in the "younger" automobile market. For young consumers such as "post-85 s" and "post-90 s", practicality is not the only demand of vehicles. It should show the personality of car users and provide a good user experience.

  It is worth mentioning that affordable vehicles are more fashionable, richer (configured) and smarter, but the price is further down, such as Renault pure electric SUV, which sells for only 61,800 yuan after subsidies. In addition, BYD’s brand-new Qin also opened another round of "hand-to-hand combat" in the compact car market.

  Independent, joint venture to explore, luxury brands to rise, this completely different trend from left to right, is also a true portrayal of the current polarization of automobile consumption.

  (Liu Yuhui)