Super agent mother in spy film: femme fatale seduction was tortured.

The ever-changing "agent mother" in the movie

Sexy seduction of "secret agent mother"

  They are beautiful and sexy stunners, well-trained soldiers, revenge angels who come to the world, and cruel and cruel femme fatale. Agents, already mysterious enough, add the unique charm of women and become a landscape in the movie.

  Female agents are good at camouflage, dressing up as hotel ladies, cheerleaders and even miss congeniality to haunt their destinations without being discovered, and making "prey" fall under their "temptation" skirts with their plump and sultry posture and beautiful appearance. There is nothing to worry about if seduction fails, pistols, blades, sticks and martial arts … … It seems that it is more dripping and refreshing to fight directly. Even if he is unfortunately captured by the enemy and tortured by all kinds of SM perverts specially made for female agents, he will never betray his companions and still try his best to complete the task.

  "Salt" Angelina Jolie is brave and invincible, "super female agent" Sophie Marceau is alone in the lion’s den, and "naked agent" Maggie Q has unlimited temptation, while Fan Bingbing and Li Xiaoran are tortured in "East Wind Rain", and the torture suffered by Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing in "Wind" is even more unbearable … … The actresses interpret these resolute and unyielding spy mothers in the movies. They are not only hidden undercover women, but also human weapons that people can’t stop.

The first step of the "agent mother" trick: disguise

Nazi officers — Sophie Marceau’s Super Secret Agent
Miss congeniality — Sandra bullock’s "Beauty Beauty Undercover"
Band chick — Charlie Hebdo by cameron diaz, Drew Barrymore and Liu Yuling.

"Secret agent mother" trick Step 2: Seduce.

Tang Wei’s Lust, Caution
Maggie Q "naked agent"
Carice van houten’s Black Book
Ingrid bergman’s honey trap

The third step of the "agent mother" trick: fight

Angelina Jolie’s Special Agent Salt
Anne Hathaway’s "Stupid Detective"
Anna Stasija Zavolonouk, The Secret Cloud.

Cruel torture suffered by "agent mother"

The Last Life of "Agent Mother": Torture

"East Wind Rain" Fan Bingbing was "dismembered"
                  Li Xiaoran breaks the bone and reconnects it.
"Wind" Zhou Xun corroded liquid iron rope
              Li Bingbing was naked and humiliated.
              Vivienne Liu was bitten by a vicious dog.