Rational view of the "false propaganda" of Zhiji automobile, there are people with rhythm.


Recently, the topic of "Zhiji automobile is protected by prospective owners" has rushed to the hot list of related topics, causing a wide range of discussions. In view of this matter, the author believes that it should be treated rationally to prevent accidental injury to independent brands.

Zhiji Automobile is a high-end intelligent electric brand jointly built by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba Group. Its first product, Zhiji L7, was officially unveiled in April last year. The limited number of "Angel Wheel" was sold out last year, and the owner of this rights protection was the "Angel Wheel" owner of Zhiji Automobile, which was strongly supported at the beginning.

What are the rights of hundreds of car owners?

According to the media, on the evening of May 10th, more than 100 owners of Zhiji Angel Wheel issued a joint statement to defend their rights, demanding Zhiji to make further responses to five major issues, such as "false propaganda of battery capacity" and "unfulfilled publicity configuration".

The author read the statement, which can be summarized as the following five major problems: ① The rights and interests of the angel wheel version have been surpassed, the scarce seats are not scarce, and the car companies have the illusion of fictional scarce rights and interests. ② The conditions for upgrading lidar and high-order energy battery are not clear. ③ The 93kWh battery capacity advertised in the configuration table is inconsistent with the registration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. (4) The auto show conference and advertisements were unfulfilled. (5) The management of the official APP community was chaotic, and the owner was ridiculed and insulted by the product manager of Zhiji Automobile.

In the statement, the owner hopes that the top management team of Zhiji can give a positive response. Zhiji Automobile also responded to the questions raised by the owner.

Is there any problem with the official reply?

Zhiji’s explanation has some truth. Regarding the rights and interests and battery capacity, Zhiji Automobile’s reply can hold water.

First of all, let’s look at the first issue of rights and interests. In the eyes of car owners, their rights and interests have been surpassed by the rights and interests of customers of Zhiji Group. However, if there is scarcity, there will be more scarcity. Moreover, the rights and interests of the "angel wheel" of ordinary consumers are scarce. At the same time, Zhiji Automobile said that the rights and interests of group customers are not bound to the rights and interests of angel wheel /A wheel users, so Zhiji’s explanation can work.

Looking at the battery capacity problem again, the difference is caused by different standards. This aspect is indeed the negligence of Zhiji’s propaganda, but the most critical actual power and cruising range have not changed. Zhiji Automobile said that the publicity was based on the "0.33C discharge rate" test and the power value was 93 kWh. The declaration is based on the "1C discharge rate" to test the power of 90 kWh. In the case that they all meet the requirements and recognition of relevant national standards, Zhiji Automobile’s explanation can also hold water.

Zhiji Auto has also answered other questions and explained them clearly, but there are still many vague comments on the Internet that are likely to be rhythmic.

Beware of the rhythm of scalper inverted single belt

The new energy market continues to be hot. Under the limitation of production capacity, the price increase and delivery time of new energy vehicles have become a trend, so many new energy scalpers have been born under the factors of price increase and chip shortage.

Cattle will seize the opportunity to "hoard orders" in advance at a lower price, and then harvest users by virtue of the delivery time, and the protagonist of this incident, Zhiji Automobile, has already been targeted by them. According to the survey, scalpers are very optimistic about the appreciation space of Zhiji automobile. Because of the great preferential strength of Zhiji automobile before, scalpers are happy to store more orders of Zhiji automobile.

Then there are 3,000 pre-sale owners of Angel Wheel, and it is hard to tell how many real owners and scalpers there are.

The users of "Angel Wheel" haven’t received the car yet, and the rights may not be sought after before. At this time, the scalper’s order may be smashed in their own hands, and it may come out with rhythm (of course, it is not to say that the owners’ rights statement is false), making up some unwarranted things to disturb the consumers’ sight, so as to put pressure on the brand, so as to hope that the car companies can increase their rights and interests and prevent the orders in their hands from being resold.

Write at the end:

In the present chaotic situation, both car owners and bystanders should calm down and carefully identify relevant information, so as not to be used by scalpers. I believe that China consumers who buy domestic products will be proud. What they are more willing to see is the growing strength of China’s independent automobile brand, and they are not willing to see its desolation. And criticism is likely to bury a valuable brand. Is this really what we want to see?