The first batch of new Geely Xingyue L officially arrived at the store, starting at 137,200, with 2.0T power as standard.

At present, the first batch of a new generation of L has officially arrived in the store. As a large-scale and cost-effective model in the domestic market in recent years, it just needs families. The starting price of a young suv is still set at 137,200, and the model comes standard with a 2.0t powertrain. This model went on the market a few years ago and directly became its flagship suv, directly replacing a large number of old suv models. At the same time, Geely has become a representative model of the domestic market and cost-effective suv. In terms of product strength and competitiveness, the joint venture model of the same level is positioned as a medium-sized suv, which has a strong appearance, rich configuration functions and large-scale spatial performance.

A new generation l

This time, the model is completely in a state of minor changes, mainly to launch a new generation of models, so that the overall product strength and competitiveness of the model will increase. After all, the competition in the domestic market is still very fierce, whether it is fuel or suv. The competition is very strong, so the new generation of Geely Xing Yue L constantly changes its models to improve its own strength.

A new generation of small-modified models have been upgraded in terms of overall configuration functions and details. For middle and high-end young consumers, Geely Xingyue L has certain attraction, although the model is an suv that just needs a family car, but the model shows a strong sense of luxury and advanced, especially in terms of comfort.

Geely Xingyue L comes standard with 2.0t turbocharged power system. At present, domestic consumers are very familiar with this power system, and the overall power performance is very strong, especially in the early stage, the acceleration ability and high speed performance are at the same level, and there are not many competitors among the models. After all, the model is only positioned at 100,000 level, and the power performance to reach Geely Xingyue L basically exceeds 200,000 level. Therefore, Geely Xingyue L can get the attention of young consumers, and the models in the current domestic market are constantly updated to enhance its own strength.