Yinhe L7, Song Pro DM-i, Haval Xiaolong, who is the best choice for 150,000 independent mixing?

China automobile market, the range of 100,000-200,000 is the most "involuted" market segment. If you choose a hybrid SUV in this range, BYD Song PLUS DM-i will be considered by many people. After all, before Geely Yinhe L7 and Haval Xiaolong MAX went on the market, independent brands could not compete with BYD Song PLUS DM-i in this market. Look at the monthly sales data at that time, BYD Song PLUS DM-i surpassed Haval H6, which has dominated the list for a long time.

Now Song PLUS DM-i has been ahead of its peers in the market for two years, and the big cake of 150,000 plug-in SUVs is always robbed, so there are Geely Yinhe L7 and Haval Xiaolong in the market. In the face of these two models with lower starting prices, BYD has not been sitting still, but has launched a more cost-effective Song Pro DM -i I. So who is better than the "big chaos" of three independent plug-in SUVs?

BYD Song Pro DM-i, Great Wall Haval Xiaolong and Geely Yinhe L7 are called the real diamond cut diamond, and both consumers and manufacturers have their eyes on these three cars. As for the design, it is a matter of different opinions. If you are not a face value control, you don’t have to compare the face value, then let’s directly look at the product strength of the three cars.

Comparison of vehicle basic information

All three cars are compact plug-in hybrid SUVs, and none of them provide pure electric models. It can be seen that the guiding prices of the three cars are very close and the price overlap is high, so it is more difficult for consumers to choose. It is not difficult to see from the comparison of tables that BYD Song Pro DM -i has an advantage in the length and height of the whole car body, while Geely Galaxy L7 has an advantage in the width and wheelbase, and the size comparison of Haval Xiaolong has a disadvantage.

In terms of battery capacity and pure battery life, there is not much difference between the three cars. Under WLTC working conditions, BYD Song Pro DM -i has a pure battery life of 59 kilometers, Yinhe L7 is 43 kilometers, Haval Xiaolong is 45 kilometers, and BYD Song Pro DM -i is slightly better, and all three cars can meet short-distance pure electric travel.

In terms of power and transmission, the technical routes of the three are not the same: BYD Song Pro DM -i Champion Edition is equipped with EHS hybrid system and has a 1.5L four-cylinder engine+EHS intelligent electric drive transmission. Among them, the maximum power of the engine is 81 kW, the maximum power of the driving motor is 145 kW, and the battery energy is 12.9kWh. In performance, its acceleration time is 8.3 seconds, and its fuel consumption is 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Galaxy L7 no longer uses Geely’s three-cylinder engine, but is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder engine, which is the only turbocharged engine among the three cars. The engine is a new generation of Raytheon hybrid engine, code-named BHE15-BFZ. A hybrid system consisting of engine+battery pack +3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro variable frequency electric drive is adopted. The battery pack with energy of 9.11kWh is used, and the battery core is Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. It supports electric hybrid, extended range and pure electric driving modes, and has two charging modes: fast charging and slow charging, with acceleration of 6.9 seconds at zero speed, fuel consumption of 5.23 liters when WLTC loses power for 100 kilometers, and battery life of 1370 kilometers under CLTC.

Haval Xiaolong’s 1.5L 2-speed DHT plug-in system is composed of a 2-speed DHT structure in series and parallel. The overall power of the whole system is 252 HP, and the peak torque is 375 N m. The comparative entry-level version is equipped with a 9.41kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, and the battery comes from honeycomb energy, with a fuel consumption of 5.3 liters.

On the whole, the fuel consumption of the three cars is comparable. In terms of battery pack, BYD Song Pro DM -i battery is larger and has a longer battery life. In terms of power, Geely Yinhe L7 is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, which will be more powerful during acceleration and feed acceleration. On the whole, Geely Galaxy L7 has more advantages.

Intelligent comparison

The interior design and intelligence of vehicles are the concerns of consumers who choose new energy vehicles at present.

BYD Song Pro DM -i has a large-size suspended central control screen, while the co-pilot has no screen, and the interior style is closer to the design direction of traditional fuel vehicles. In terms of intelligence, the Song ProDM-i Champion Edition is equipped with full-scene digital keys. Unlocking, locking and starting the vehicle can be completed by relying on Apple devices and Android NFC car keys, and it is equipped with DiLink4.0 intelligent network connection system, which supports mobile APP cloud service remote car control. The mobile phone can be used as a Bluetooth key and can also be driven remotely, and the contact between the mobile phone and the vehicle is closer.

The Galaxy L7 car adopts a minimalist style, and it can be seen that leather, plastic-lined soft bags and other materials are used in many places in the car. The new car is equipped with a new style of multi-function steering wheel, and the co-pilot entertainment screen is added, forming a four-screen linkage of 10.25-inch instrument +13.2-inch central control screen +16.2-inch auxiliary driving screen +25.6-inch AR HUD, which meets the needs of consumers for the screen and has a good technological atmosphere inside the car. The car chip is the mainstream Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, and adopts the "Yinhe N OS" car system, which can realize the integration of car multi-screen, mobile phone and car, car and home, and support L2+ intelligent driving assistance.

The overall interior design of Haval Xiaolong is also close to the traditional fuel vehicle, and it adopts 7+12.3-inch intelligent dual-screen design, which does not make the entire central control cover the screen. It integrates the latest car system of the family, and the common functions such as voice command, mobile phone interconnection, driving assistance, App software download and panoramic image are all available. It can be seen that the overall physical buttons are very few, and the basic voice can complete some vehicle function control.

After comparing the interiors of the three cars, it can be found that only Geely Yinhe L7 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, and the interior design is more like a new energy vehicle, and the sense of science and technology is the best among the three cars.

Configuration comparison

All three cars have chosen entry-level models with more traffic. After configuration comparison, Haval Xiaolong is better in safety configuration, equipped with front and rear head air curtains, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, active braking, lane keeping in the middle, front collision warning, and adaptive far and near light that the opponent does not have.

The advantage of Song ProDM-i is that it has remote parking, rotatable large screen, car KTV, touch reading light, etc. Although these configurations are not available to rivals, they are basically some "chicken ribs" configurations, and their daily practicality is not high.

Geely Yinhe L7 is a 360 reversing image that is not equipped by two rivals with lower configuration among the three cars, and the sunroof cannot be opened, and the rearview mirror is not electrically folded. However, the car will use these costs on the rear independent air conditioner and the smart chip of the car, and the experience will be better.

On the whole, there is no doubt that in the meeting of the top three, the comprehensive product strength of Geely Yinhe L7 is better, and both the power system and the interior experience can make car owners better enjoy the value of the product. Aside from the shape design, in terms of power performance, interior intelligence and luxury, Geely Yinhe L7 has achieved a catch-up with the Song Pro DM-i, while Haval Xiaolong has no bright spots except configuration and is not recommended.