"New Oolong Courtyard" was set for July 13, and Wu Mengda continued the nonsensical style

1905 movie network news A few days ago, a family comedyReleased a set of "Wake-up Edition" posters, officially announced to be set for July 13, the summer of laughing. ExceptWu Mengda,Hao Xiwen,Song XiaobaoAnd two "newlaughforestKid ",Wang Ning,Kong Lianshun,Wang Zhi,Liang ChaoWhen the second wave of starring cast was revealed for the first time, comedians from the north and the south gathered in the Oolongyuan to collectively laugh. The poster still continued the strong Chinese style, and hand-drawn comic elements such as various dentures, flies, and dragons playing water guns further highlighted the film’s nonsense and funny style. At the same time, it also paid tribute to the old long-browed master in the old version.

The hand-painted dragon pays tribute to the old version of the long-browed master, and the Chinese style is mixed and matched without reason. The funny head is doubled.

The "Wake Up Edition" poster released this time integrates various comic-style nonsense funny elements into it. In addition to the dentures of the old long-browed master in "Oolong Courtyard", the ugly and cute flies and frogs, there is also a hand-painted dragon playing tricks on the "New Laughing Forest Kid" with a water gun in hand, and the expression is quite magical and eye-catching. Looking closely at this Chinese-style poster is also a hidden mystery. In addition to the dentures on the top of the dragon’s head, the dragon’s mouth is also missing a tooth, which is also a tribute to the old long-browed master Li Mingyang who also lost a tooth in the old version. This time, "New Oolong Courtyard" commemorates the 10th anniversary of Mr. Li Mingyang’s death in this special way, and once again pokes many people’s tears.

In addition to the previously exposed Wu Mengda, Hao Xiwen and other lineups, the role models of other stars in "New Oolong Academy", Wang Ning, Kong Lianshun, Wang Zhi and Liang Chao, have also been exposed for the first time. It is worth mentioning that the poster divides several actors into positive and negative factions, the relationship between the characters becomes more and more complex, the plot contradictions gradually escalate, and who is the real "martial arts responsibility" and "funny responsibility" of the Oolong Academy has once again attracted speculation.

The original team reunited on the screen after 24 years, and the North and South comedians gathered in the Oolongyuan to collectively urge laughter

In 1994, the "Oolongyuan" series, directed by Zhu Yanping and starring Wu Mengda, Hao Xiwen and Shi Xiaolong, became popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and created a precedent for family-friendly kung fu comedy. In the film, whether it is the chopsticks picking flies, belly dancing, the funny part of "Stinky Fart Wen" alternative crab fishing or the classic bald sunglasses look, it has become a childhood memory of a generation.

This time, after 24 years, "New Oolong Courtyard: Laughing in the Jianghu", which is also adapted from the most classic comic IP of "comic master" Ao Youxiang, has made a big return. The film took three years to prepare and brought together the original team to reunite, striving to restore the childhood classics of the post-80s and post-90s to the greatest extent. The filmmakers said that "New Oolong Courtyard" has inherited the old version of the story context and classic bridge, and has integrated more down-to-earth and richer funny baggage on the basis of the classic nonsense Hong Kong-style comedy. Although it is a pity that Shi Xiaolong did not return to the Oolong Courtyard this time, the screen reunion of Hao Xiwen and Wu Mengda after more than 20 years has also earned a wave of tears and full marks.

"New Oolong Academy" tells the story of another year of the Oolong Academy admissions season, when Ah Wei (Wang Ning, played) and Cheng Xingxing (Kong Lianshun, played), who want to be bad guys, maliciously enter the Wulong Academy middle school martial arts. Although the two successfully deceived the trust of Master Changmei (Wu Mengda, played), their bizarre behavior aroused the suspicion of the disciples of the Oolong Academy, and a series of absurd and embarrassing things about to happen.