This week, the wonderful and luxurious lineup of the movie channel gathered together, which shocked the blockbuster.

Special feature of 1905 film network Who do you think of first when it comes to foreign actors with acting skills and high reputation in Qi Fei? This week’s luxury lineup of movie channels includes Schwarzenegger,,,,, … … A group of powerful people, their wonderful blockbusters are certainly not to be missed!

The classic film co-produced by Cameron and Schwarzenegger is one of the most famous science fiction films in Hollywood film history. The picture of the film is very futuristic and impressive. The female images in the film are not simply weak or strong, but more abundant and full of growth, which reflects the strength of women.

Wonderful film review:Through the transformation of the savior Dani from an ordinary girl to the end, the film conveys to everyone the power that belongs exclusively to women. Believe in yourself and fight hard. Ordinary people can also have great energy.— — 1905 movie network

Bollywood word-of-mouth blockbuster starring Aamir Hussain Khan, an Indian "national treasure" actor, is based on the true story of a famous Indian wrestler. In the film, Aamir Hussain Khan plays a retired wrestler. He tries his best to cultivate his daughter into a world champion, and his passion, inspiration and warm affection are unobstructed.

Wonderful film review:Father is very heartless as a coach and extremely gentle as a father. All he does is to give his daughter a chance to choose her own destiny.— — Douban film review Amber

It is a Hollywood monster disaster giant starring. The high-energy variation setting of the behemoth in the movie is an eye-opener, and the three behemoths ravage the city and shake the earth. The appearance of crocodiles is as shocking as the appearance of Canglong in the movie. The behemoths have skills that you can’t imagine, and they can’t do it without them. Dwayne Douglas Johnson plays the role of zoologist and George the Giant Scarlet, and the tortuous human-animal crisis has also earned enough tears for the viewers.

Wonderful film review:The growth speed of blue whales, the sonar series of bats, the flying skills of flying squirrels, the eyes of eagles, the ears of wolves, the speed of leopards and the strength of bears are so shocking!— — 1905 movie network

This film is the sixth installment of Hollywood action adventure masterpiece and classic spy series starring Tom cruise. In the film, Tom’s high jump and low opening, toilet fight, helicopter fight and other hot action scenes are all amazing. There is a strong smell of gunpowder between Henry and Tom cruise, and the war is on the verge.

Wonderful film review:The film has become a veritable series of best works, and the hot scene of the whole process of high-burning and bursting directly pokes people’s hearts, perfectly grasping the pain points of fans and making people want to stop.— — 1905 movie network

It was first released in 2001, and both the intense racing performance and the charming racing family members left a deep impression on the fans. This film is the eighth in the series, in which Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne Douglas Johnson, etc. all returned and moved the racing venue to Cuba, which has a unique automobile culture, bringing a brand-new speed experience to fans all over the world.

Wonderful film review:"Super 8" in new york zombie car array and the last ice car vs. submarine two paragraphs are unique and good ideas!— — Douban Film Review Hazama jade