"Squirrel Daddy" supports Lei Jun: High-end and cost-effective booking of a millet SU7

   Our reporter Huang Qun.

   Recently, the term "millet car price" was posted on Weibo Hot Search. There are pictures from the Internet showing that Xiaomi SU7 has officially opened the reservation, and the starting price is 229,900 yuan. At the initial press conference, many netizens even shouted the starting price of 99,000 yuan, which can be seen in the pursuit of Xiaomi’s "cost performance".

   As the first model of Xiaomi, Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a C-class high-performance eco-technology car. It is necessary to make high-end products comparable to Porsche and Tesla, but also to take into account the cost performance. Can you have both? In the face of the media, "high quality and low price, can we continue to do it?" The question, Lei Jun said that this is a great misunderstanding. "All high-end products are cost-effective, just to what extent. Xiaomi is from small to large. Although it has entered an extremely competitive automobile field, I still believe that Xiaomi can finally win. "

   On the morning of February 23rd, Zhang Liaoyuan, founder of three squirrels and "Squirrel Daddy", quoted Lei Jun in a circle of friends, saying that "we call it high-end cost performance, and we decided to put a SU7‘ Porsche in the company!" In the words, there is a strong support for Lei Jun and Xiaomi Automobile.

   The two seemingly unrelated fields have certain commonalities, that is, in the extremely competitive market environment, consumers are increasingly eager for the two-way pursuit of high-end and cost-effectiveness, and both of them highly emphasized cost-effectiveness at the beginning of their establishment and devoted themselves to making national brands with high quality and high price.

   In fact, as early as the end of 2022, three squirrels took the lead in putting forward the strategy of "high-end cost performance", which was also questioned by the outside world. Seemingly contradictory, how can it be realized? The answers given by the three squirrels are to "roll out competitiveness", strengthen supply chain integration, fully open cooperation, embrace emerging channels, and build a "all-category+omni-channel" management basic disk.

   After one year’s practice, the annual performance forecast of Three Squirrels in 2023 shows that around the changes in the external market environment, the company actively promoted the optimization of the whole supply chain, implemented the two-way adjustment of category structure and channel structure, and achieved sustained and steady revenue growth since June, especially in the context of the post-holiday shift of new year’s goods in the fourth quarter.