The Beauty of Reading | [Xinhua Book List No.28] Learn to read and nourish life

"self-effacing with poetry and books"

The books you have read

Like a meal.

Will reserve spiritual energy for you.

Nourish a long life


Shakespeare once said-

Books are the nourishment of the whole world.

April 23rd is World Reading Day.

On the occasion of the 27th World Book Day.

Xiaobian selects ten books about reading for everyone.

I hope I can read for "why", "what" and "how"

Provide an answer

Provide a little nutrition


(Moderator: Zhao Biqing)

Reading determines learning ability/by Nie Zhenning/Modern Education Press

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brief Introduction of the content

Reading determines learning ability: 11 lessons to improve reading ability, which describes the methods to improve reading ability from the aspects of reading enlightenment, reading interest, reading habits, reading speed, reading memory and reading speculation. At the same time, Reading Ability Determines Learning Ability: 11 Lessons to Improve Reading Ability divides the process of cultivating and improving primary and secondary school students’ reading ability into initial reading stage, transitional reading stage, basic reading stage, mature reading stage and speculative reading stage, and scientifically sets goals, provides methods and designs strategies for these five stages. It provides an effective scheme for parents, teachers and primary and secondary school students to improve their reading ability.

In years of reading promotion and research, the author Nie Zhenning deeply felt the urgent need for primary and secondary school students to improve their reading ability, and felt the anxiety of parents and teachers. On the basis of Reading Ability, it took him more than a year to write this professional counseling book aimed at guiding parents and teachers to help primary and secondary school students improve their reading ability.

How to Make Children Love Reading/Author Megan Daley)/ Machinery Industry Press

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Main introduction

When should parents start reading to their children? Megan Daley, the author of this book, will reply: "Of course, from birth!" She proposed: "Books should be the standard for newborns and essential." Megan Daley grew up in a scholarly family and loved reading since childhood. She has received professional reading training and mastered professional knowledge in the field of children’s reading. As a mother with reading as her parenting feature and an award-winning book teacher, she has integrated her more than 20 years of parenting and teaching experience into this book. According to the development stages of children’s reading ability (from birth to adolescence), this paper provides practical suggestions for readers on how to help children choose suitable reading materials, how to understand the contents of books and how to integrate reading into life, and invites writers and friends and elites in related industries to share their original opinions on reading and writing.

Learn to Read/Author Li Jiongyan/Machinery Industry Press

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Reading is difficult? Can’t you keep reading? Can’t remember anything after reading? In fact, it’s not that you have poor willpower and memory, but that you haven’t found the motivation and method to read. Li Jiongyan, the author of this book, devoted himself to studying reading for several years, constructed the underlying logic of reading, and put forward four motivation models of reading-recreation, applying what he has learned, spiritual enjoyment and curiosity, and at the same time gave the methodology of efficient reading to help you achieve efficient reading. His methodology has influenced more than 200,000 book lovers, helping them realize the value of life and find the meaning of life through reading and writing.

How to read a book/Author: (USA) Mortimer J Ejdero, Charles Van Doren/The Commercial Press.

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brief Introduction of the content

Every book has its own skeleton under the cover. As an analytical reader, it is your responsibility to find this skeleton. When a book appears in front of you, muscles are wrapped in bones, and clothes are wrapped in muscles, which can be said to be dressed up. This book is a reading guide to guide people how to read famous works. It introduces reading methods, skills and broad vision that reading should have.

"Good reading and seeking great understanding"/author Ye Shengtao/Kaiming Publishing House

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brief Introduction of the content

"Good Reading and Seeking Great Understanding" is a work written by Mr. Ye Shengtao about how to read. Its full name is "Good Reading and Seeking Great Understanding-Ye Shengtao on Reading". The book is divided into four parts, respectively, from four aspects: why to read, the difficulty of reading, the method of reading and the choice of reading materials, and expounds in detail the importance of reading and the methods of developing good reading habits. The book is ingenious, practical and effective, and it is a good book to improve reading skills and improve inefficient reading.

The Method of Reading/By Luo Zhenyu/Xinxing Publishing House

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People invented ladders to make up for the lack of climbing ability; We invented rope to make up for the lack of traction ability; We invented books to give an "unfinished person" knowledge and experience and help him become a better self. 

In this book "Reading Methods", Luo Zhenyu combed out 24 reading methods and carefully answered them for you: 

How to cultivate a strong mind through reading? 

How to reach the distant scenery through reading? 

How to participate in the wonderful innovation of sages through reading? 

How to merge into the emotional river of human community through reading? 

Let you fall in love with reading and invite you to leave immediately. ……

Reading History/(Canadian) by Alberto Man Gouel, translated by Wu Changjie/Commercial Press.

In the name of "the last page", this book only transcribes Flaubert’s sentence: reading is to live. This "last page" is placed in a prominent position at the beginning of the volume, and its significance is self-evident.

Zoologists read the odor of animals in the forest; Parents read the baby’s expression to detect joy or horror or curiosity; Fortune tellers in China read the marks on ancient tortoise shells; Hawaiian fishermen put their hands into the sea to read the current; Farmers read the sky to measure the weather … All these readings share the skills of reading and translating symbols with readers of books. In either case, it is the reader who reads its meaning, and we read it in order to understand or enlighten. We have to read. Reading, almost like breathing, is our basic function.

High-speed reading/[America] written by Paul R. Xi Lie, translated by Jia Yong Xinli/CITIC Publishing House

High-speed Reading is a book that teaches people to read independently by scientific methods. It advocates the image reading method, thinking that reading can easily absorb all the essence of books in an instant, just like taking pictures, which is equivalent to mastering efficient information processing.

This book encourages people to read with a clear purpose by using the analytical and theoretical thinking ability of human left brain and the understanding and creativity ability of human right brain. Reading is divided into five steps: preparation, preview, image browsing, review and activation, so as to break through the powerful subconscious of the brain and awaken memory and understanding. This method is more suitable for reading professional, practical and instrumental books. These skills can not only help you improve your efficiency, but also be an effective tool to improve your personal thinking ability, and will bring amazing changes to your life.

Practical Reading Guide: Turning what you read into ability/[Japan] Da Yanjun’s book, translated by Chen Yiping/Jiangxi People’s Publishing House

The book Practical Reading Guide: Turning what you read into ability aims at improving reading efficiency, applying the contents in the book to practice and improving people’s work and life. The author tells how to master the essence of a book efficiently by using famous laws such as "mind map", "28 rule" and "Ebbins curve". He emphasized the importance of taking notes, so as to interact with "input" and "output" of information and strengthen memory. The book also collates and records a large number of reading cases and mind maps personally practiced by the author, such as "reading+entrepreneurship", "reading+qualification examination" and "reading+improving work skills", so as to teach readers to read with purpose in an intuitive way and play a greater role in practice.

So I Read/Zhang Hui Zhu/Commercial Press

"If I Read" is a collection of dozens of book reviews and notes on reading, literature, ideological history and other aspects by Professor Zhang Hui, a professor of Chinese Department in Peking University and director of the Institute of Comparative Literature. Professor Zhang Hui has been engaged in the research of comparative literature and the history of literary thought all the year round, and has made many achievements in the research and translation of comparative literature, but most of them are writing for researchers in professional fields. This book is a collection of the author’s essays and notes, and it is an elegant and meaningful little book about reading and reading, literature and the history of thought. The author is a "professional reader" who has been engaged in literary research for many years. The compilation of such an essay book, which is closely related to reading, books and people, can form a unique and wise guide for readers’ why to read, what to read and how to read.