"Village Competition" Launches the National Friendship "Village Super" and Spreads the Football Spark

  Xinhua News Agency, Guiyang, August 20th (Reporter Luo Yu) The Hong Kong Star Team and Rongjiang Village Team jointly kicked off the "opening match", and the Nanchang Powder Mixing Team and Rongjiang Powder Rolling Team jointly presented the "finale". Since August 13th, the Guizhou Rongjiang Food Football Friendly Tournament (the first season) has been played in Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. This "village match" not only started the "national friendship", but also "the national friendship".

  Football, food, performances.

  On the 13th, with the cries of tens of thousands of spectators, the Hong Kong star team and the Rongjiang villagers team jointly staged the "opening match" at the track and field football field in Chengbei New District, Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, which means that the history of Rongjiang football has opened a brand-new page.

  From a 1:0 lead at the start to a 3:4 defeat at the end, Yang Bing, a player of Rongjiang villagers’ team, was still very emotional about the game. "Chen Baixiang and Luo Jiaying in their 70s, Felix Wong Yat Wa and Kenny Ho in their 60s … … There are many senior players in the Hong Kong star team. Their spirit of hard work and tenacious struggle is admirable! "

  On August 13th, the players of the Hong Kong Star Team held up the pig’s trotters as the prize of the competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

  The three games after the "opening match" were Guizhou University Eco-Tea Team against Guangxi University Sugarcane Juice Team, Qiandongnan Kaili Sour Soup Team against Foshan Nanhai Guicheng Bamboo Shooting Team, and Rongjiang Powder Rolling Team against Nanchang Powder Mixing Team.

  "The players of Rongjiang Juan Fen Team are full of energy, hard work, skills and experience. We were able to equalize from 0:2 at the beginning to 2:2 at the end, which really made every effort." Zhang Wenxin, coach of Nanchang Powder Mixing Team, said that the "Gourmet Football Friendly Match" in the "Village Super" stadium was a fierce collision of football cultures from all over the world.

  In addition to the football collision, the participating teams also presented folk songs and lion dance performances. These cultural collisions with strong regional and national characteristics also made the audience enjoy themselves.

  On August 13th, the staff displayed local delicacies when they entered the venue. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

  Eating raw fish and glutinous rice in Guizhou, tasting the mixed powder in Jiangxi, and playing with the lion-awakening cultural and creative product in Guangdong … … The full satisfaction of sight, hearing, taste and touch made Wu Mingfei, a citizen of Rongjiang, sigh, "Like the ‘ of the World Cup, the Spring Festival party and the food carnival; Great integration ’ 。”

  National friendship "proofing"

  Rongjiang’s "Gourmet Football Friendly Tournament" focuses on happiness and is promoted quarterly. In the first season, there will be 21 matches in 6 rounds, which will last until October 28th.

  Previously, during the "Village Super" held in Guizhou, Rongjiang sent an invitation to the whole country for a "gourmet football friendly match". With the explosion of "Village Super", the number of registered teams has been increasing all over the country. Before July 20, Rongjiang received 798 registered teams, and 297 teams were confirmed to be able to participate, including 83 teams in Guizhou Province and 214 teams outside the province.

  On August 13th, the actors performed during the break of the competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

  When a "village competition" has evolved from only 20 village teams to a "super competition" involving nearly 300 teams in the country, how to organize teams and arrange schedules has become a big project.

  The teams in the first season of the "Gourmet Football Friendly Tournament" are divided into a home team phalanx and a visiting team phalanx. The home team phalanx consists of a gourmet football team registered in Guizhou Province and a Rongjiang County gourmet football team, and the visiting team phalanx consists of gourmet football teams registered from all over the country outside Guizhou Province. Except for the four teams invited by the organizers on the day of the "opening match", the remaining teams of the home team and the visiting team were selected from the home team phalanx and the visiting team phalanx.

  The first season is the competition mode "proofing". The organizing committee will convene relevant representatives to hold a team selection meeting, and comprehensively consider various factors such as competitiveness, performance, interest and culture, and select 17 teams from the home team phalanx to face the top 17 teams in the visiting team phalanx in terms of team organization, cultural display, food exchange and big coffee support. After the end of the first season, it will be upgraded and optimized according to the situation, and then the subsequent seasons will be started one after another.

  "Football Spark" broadcast

  The "Gourmet Football Friendly Tournament" is a "communication pageant" of folk football for the national registration teams, and for Rongjiang, it is to spread the "football spark" symbolizing purity and love to the whole country.

  "Football is a team sport and needs communication and exchange." Including cheerleaders, relatives and friends, there are 300 people in the trip to Rongjiang of Nanchang Powder Mixing Team. Zhang Wenxin said that stepping on the highly anticipated "village super stage" and experiencing the fiery passion of football can better inspire the players from all over the country to love and engage in this sport.

  On August 13th, spectators dressed in national costumes were watching the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

  "As an amateur player, my biggest dream is to play football in front of tens of thousands of spectators and accept their shouts and cheers, even if they are booed." Huang Yuan, a 43-year-old player of the Guicheng Bamboo Shooting Team in Nanhai, Foshan, said that the trip to Rongjiang has realized his dream, and he and his teammates will uphold the purity and love spirit of "Village Super" and play football better.

  The "Football Spark" broadcast by "Village Super" is spreading constantly. Taking Guangdong as an example, the popularity of the first "Deming Xuan" Cup soccer tournament in Zhuhai, the 17th "La Liga" soccer tournament in Foshan, the Luhe country soccer tournament in Shanwei and several township soccer leagues in Meizhou has set off a wave of folk soccer craze.

  Lin Tao, deputy director of Rongjiang County Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau, said: "With ‘ Gourmet football friendly match ’ With the continuous advancement, under the active preparation and participation of teams from all over the world, it was decided by ‘ Murakami ’ Open and broadcast ‘ Football Spark ’ Slowly form a prairie fire. "