Lei Jun rumors: Xiaomi SU7′ s little love classmate won’t tell you what the speed was just now.

Fast Science and Technology reported on April 18th that Lei Jun started live broadcast in Tik Tok this afternoon, and shared with you more feelings about Xiaomi SU7.

In the live broadcast, Lei Jun shared a recent paragraph:

-Traffic Police: What was the speed of Xiao Ai’s classmate just now?

-Little Ai said with her head bent and her head tilted with great confidence: 266 (super loud)

-Traffic Police: How much is the fine of 266?

-Xiao Ai said with a proud face in her hands: A fine of 2,000, 12 points, and revocation of her driver’s license. This problem can not beat me.

After this joke, Lei Jun laughed: Xiao Ai, a classmate of Xiaomi SU7, doesn’t have this function.

Lei Jun also reminded everyone that the acceleration and speed of Xiaomi SU7 are very fast, and users who want to switch from oil trucks to trams should adapt first.