The minimum is 129,900, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers is 4.3 seconds. The new BYD Tang is a bit arrogant!

As the earliest car enterprise in China to enter the new energy market, its most representative model is Dynasty series, among which Tang has the highest attention.

Today, Tang’s second-generation car has finally come on the market. Today, Xiao Zhi will also show you the highlights of this car in this issue of "One Car a Day".

The minimum price is 129,900 yuan, and Tang’s price is a bit harsh.

The new generation of Tang, which was launched on June 26, has launched a total of 10 models including the version and the plug-in hybrid version.Price rangeFor: 129,900-329,900 yuan.. It is reported that the pure electric version of Tang with a comprehensive battery life of more than 500 kilometers will be officially launched in December this year.

At the launch of the new car, the new generation of Tang also launched a number of preferential policies, including: 15% can enjoy 30 issues, free parking at nine airports, free charging piles for purchase, 6 years or 150,000 kilometers of vehicles, and the old Tang owners can enjoy one year of SVIP distinguished service when replacing new models.

What are the highlights of the new Tang?

Designer Wolfgang Eiger Interprets Tang’s Design

The outstanding acceleration performance of the old Tang is impressive, but its design has been criticized. A new generation of Tang promoted Yan value to one of the biggest selling points of new cars through the design of Wolfgang Iger.

The front face of the new generation of Tang adopted the latestDragon FaceThe family design language, the dragon-whisker-shaped chrome-plated strips of the through-going middle net are directly inserted into the "longan" on both sides, and the three lens lamp groups also have the meaning of "three dragons playing with pearls". It is undeniable that the China of the whole vehicle is very strong.

In terms of modeling, there is still a difference between the Tang Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty. There are differences in details such as mesh size, logo color, fog lamp area modeling, D-pillar design and tail logo.

     Left: Tang Right:

On the other hand, Xiao Zhi will like it better, because its top model is equipped with 22-inch double five-rim wheels, high performance of Horse brand and the integration of calipers make its sports model look very positive. The Tang version has 18-inch and 20-inch rims.

The dimensions of the new generation Tang are 4870/1940/1720mm and 4870/1950/1725mm, both of which are 2820mm. Compared with the old model, the new car is 100mm longer and the height is 5mm lower.

The interior style of the new generation of Tang is simple and full of technology. The central control panel is wrapped in soft enamel material, and the grip of the steering wheel is better than the old one.

The biggest attraction of Tang’s interior is this piece.Central control panel capable of turning over 90 degrees(The top version is 14.6 inches, and other versions are 12.8 inches).

In terms of performance, this large screen is equipped with Snapdragon 625 eight nuclear processor, with a main frequency of 2.0GHz, a GPU of 650 MHz, 3G memory and 32G hard disk. This is the configuration of a smart phone, so to speak.Brush Tik Tok, apply pesticides and eat chicken.It’s not even a problem. 

In addition to entertainment functions, this big screen is equipped with DiLink intelligent networking system, which can also provide cloud services, rescue services, smart bracelet keys, mobile vehicle butlers and other functions.

In the power part, the new generation of Tang version is equipped with a 2.0T, 151kW, and the peak torque is 320 N m.

The version of the car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system with 2.0T+ dual motors, which is 441kW and 950 N m.. There are 80 and 100 versions, in which the numbers represent their pure battery life respectively.

According to the official introduction, the new generation’s 100-kilometer acceleration score is 4.5 seconds, and the 100-kilometer acceleration of the Genesis model has been achieved.4.3 seconds. This achievement is enough to kill many steel guns and performance models on the market.

In order to reduce the weight, it did cost a lot. It was made of magnesium-aluminum alloy with a weight reduction of 27%, and was led by Hans Kirk, the former head of calibration. Lightweight materials and excellent dynamic training have achieved the lowest 100 kilometers.1.6LMinistry of industry and information technology.

Xiao Zhi commented on the brand-new Tang of the new car

Zhao Changjiang, general manager of the sales company, said at the new car launch conference of the new generation of Tang:"For three consecutive years, it has been the first in the global new energy market. Next, it is necessary to develop together in the field of new energy and traditional fuel vehicles to make the product layout more complete and further promote the sales volume."

Since the pre-sale of the new generation of Tang dynasty, the order has exceeded 10,000, and it is bound to assume the heavy responsibility of enriching the product layout. Its listing will also play an important role in promoting the sales target of 600,000 vehicles in 2018.

Perhaps even I didn’t expect that as a model, it would sell so hot in the market last year. Tang, which has a good accumulation in the market, has a starting price of only 129,900 new cars, which is enough to prove that it wants to continue to compete with its competitors through super high cost performance.

Ban Tang

The price range of the competitors of the new generation of Tang version, such as: and, is basically between 160,000 and 250,000.

The top of the new Tang version is only 170,000, and it already has a full set of ADAS driver assistance technology, induction electric tailgate, main and auxiliary driving heating and other configurations. In addition, it is standard for all systems, such as full, full and full. This is enough to see that Tang Shi wants to face his opponent with cost performance.

Xiao Zhi regards the same medium-sized plug-in as its strongest rival. In terms of price, the subsidized price is 239,900-329,900, and the subsidized price is 259,800-279,800. Obviously, it is undoubtedly more close to the people in terms of price.

In terms of power, it is a single motor, and it is a double motor before and after. Moreover, whether it is pure electric endurance or 100 kilometers acceleration, Tang Dou will crush it, even if it comes to a bad road, it will be more leisurely than the standard rear axle.

It is also very important that the construction of new market channels is wider than that of other markets. Moreover, in the product layout and research and development of new energy, it is also better than.

Xiao Zhi’s conclusion

The new generation of Tang’s interior and exterior decorations have undergone a qualitative transformation. In terms of power, 4.3 seconds can break 100 results and make a lot of performance cars in seconds. On the whole, the comprehensive competitiveness of the new generation of Tang has been greatly improved compared with the old models.

Looking at the product strength of the new generation of Tang, this time it is reallyBuild Your Dream, worthy of praise!

Does the 129,900-year-old Tang make your heart beat?

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