Eta Ursae Majoris’s C-DM is the world’s first launch and the pride of Xingtu brand.

In this spring, on March 11th, we proudly introduced the new member of our brand-Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM to the world. This "400,000-class ultra-comfortable electric hybrid flagship SUV" not only fills the gap in the 180,000-250,000 market segment, but also shows the strength of China brand in the global high-end automobile market. Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM combines advanced technology and luxurious design to ensure that every driving is an extraordinary journey.

Our Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM leads a new industry standard with its excellent performance and safety. This is not only a product release, but also a grand display for Xingtu brand to announce its technological innovation and design essence to the world.

Let the heart-warming price take you to Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM easily.

The Pro version of Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM has a long battery life, so that every friend who dreams of owning a high-end SUV can easily realize it. With a starting price of 172,800 yuan and a long battery life of 1,300 kilometers, we ensure that every investment is worth the money. In contrast, the price of our competitor Tang DM-i112Km Honor Edition is much higher, but our Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM has obvious advantages in cost performance, which makes your choice more wise.

For those families who pay attention to economic benefits, Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM provides not only a car, but also a lifestyle upgrade. It allows you to pursue a high-quality life and enjoy the journey easily without pressure.

Faster charging and longer journey.

We understand that the convenience of travel is a matter of great concern to you. Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM uses the latest M3P battery technology, which is not only safe and reliable, but also can be charged quickly. Imagine that in just 20 minutes, you can charge the battery from 30% to 80%, which greatly saves the waiting time and makes your journey more enjoyable.

Whether it’s a daily commute or an occasional long trip in the city, Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM can ensure that you can return to your journey as quickly as possible and enjoy every driving pleasure.

Full of power, easy to control

Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM’s dual motors and 3-speed DHT gearbox provide you with strong power and unparalleled driving experience. The engine thermal efficiency as high as 44.5% is not only ahead of the market, but also makes Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM achieve a perfect balance in performance and energy saving. This configuration makes every acceleration full of passion and every driving is worth looking forward to.

You deserve to have an SUV that can save energy and provide powerful power. Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM is tailor-made for you who pursue excellence and efficiency.

Comfort and stability, all in Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM.

It is an important consideration when we design Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM to feel the smoothness and comfort of every driving. Equipped with special chassis for flying fish mixing and advanced CDC electromagnetic suspension system, Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM can provide the ultimate comfort experience and superior handling stability, whether it’s a highway or a winding path. This technical advantage ensures that you can enjoy a silky driving experience under any road conditions.

Moreover, our seats are specially designed for long-distance travel, providing leg rest adjustment and lumbar support to ensure that you and your family can stay comfortable and relaxed even after a long driving.

Choosing Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM Pro version is not only a choice of a car, but also a comfortable, economical and intelligent lifestyle. Let’s control the future together and enjoy the infinite possibilities brought by every trip! If you want to know more about Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to share with you and answer any questions you have.

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