BYD’s new SUV spy photos exposure positioning is between Song Pro and Tang.

Yichexun Recently, BYD’s new SUV spy photos were exposed. It is reported that this new car is positioned between BYD’s Song Pro compact SUV and Tang medium-sized SUV. Considering that BYD has registered several versions of the "Xia" trademark before, it is speculated that maybe the new car will be named after it. Of course, the final name and mass production time need to be officially announced by BYD.

Through spy photos, we can see that the new car hood and wheel eyebrow lines set off the cabin with a very strong sense of quantity, which is also a highlight. It is not only large in size, but also flush, and the visual effect is very full, revealing obvious wide design ideas.

From the front, the outline of the latest family-style air intake grille is looming, and the iconic dragon claw is integrated in the front, and high-brightness daytime running lights and blue light sources are integrated, and the visual effect is somewhat similar to that of the model Han.

The international team led by Iger empowers the exterior styling, and the former interior design director Paganetti joins us. After the new mass production, the exterior and interior design should not disappoint us.


Tang zhongxing

In terms of power system, there is no official information released at present, but considering the strength in the fields of fuel, electric and hybrid, new models, plug-in hybrid models and electric models should be launched in the future.