Lei Jun: Xiaomi SU7 Wireless CarPlay is expected to start pushing in early May.

Fast Technology reported on April 18th that Lei Jun answered "When will the wireless CarPlay function of Xiaomi SU7 go online" in today’s live broadcast.

Lei Jun said: This function is expected to be pushed into the car through OTA in early May.

In addition, Lei Jun also requires the team to push OTA upgrade to users at least once a month, and plans to open NOA in 10 regions to users at the end of May and push NOA to the whole country in August.

At present, the iPad car control function has been launched, just go to the APPle App Store to search and download the "Xiaomi Auto Development Screen" app.

After connecting the hot spots of the car, you can enjoy the original car-like experience such as seat air conditioning adjustment, multimedia adjustment and audio-visual entertainment.

Lei Jun had previously said that Xiaomi SU7 would be the best choice for Apple to buy smart electric vehicles after the news that Apple had withdrawn from making cars was exposed.

Xiaomi SU7 will be the best intelligent electric vehicle supporting the iPhone ecosystem at present, supporting wireless CarPlay, AirPlay and other protocols, which will enable iPhone users to realize deep driver interconnection and seamless connection.