Can Zibo become a new network red city with the barbecue break and the May Day barbecue festival?

  "Cookie oven with dipping sauce, soul barbecue three-piece set" into a network hot stalk May 1 will hold "Zibo barbecue festival"

  Can Zibo become a new network red city by breaking the circle of barbecue?

  Zibo’s barbecue not only retains nostalgic features such as open air, small carbon table, do-it-yourself and so on, but also has a barbecue line on the local bus, and taxi drivers can memorize the addresses of famous barbecue shops. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the official of Zibo Cultural Travel Service that the May 1 train tickets from Beijing South Railway Station to Zibo were sold out in less than one minute. It is estimated that more than 120,000 people will go to Zibo on May 1, and the tourist orders will increase by more than 2,000%.

  It is worth noting that behind the popularity of barbecue in Zibo, it is not only a "business card" for the local government to show its urban management ability and business environment, but also an opportunity for the city to transform and attract more investment and talents.

  Holiday hotspot

  Tickets for the May Day train from Beijing to Zibo are sold out as soon as they are on sale.

  Accommodation bookings increased by 800% compared with 2019.

  Nowadays, when you go to Zibo for a barbecue at night, you almost have to queue up from one or two in the afternoon. Major barbecue shops, especially those on recommended routes, can only be described as "bursting". Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that with the increasing popularity of barbecue in Zibo, high-speed rail tickets from Beijing to Zibo are sold out as long as they are holidays or even near holidays. Zibo local buses to major barbecue shops, online car rides and bike-sharing are all very nervous. Online celebrity’s punch points, such as the eighth overall situation, are so congested that it is difficult to get around. Netizens in Linzi even called on local citizens to give up all kinds of transportation resources and barbecue shops to foreign tourists.

  How many tourists are there in Zibo now? It is understood that on April 15, Zibo Railway Station received 32,602 passengers and sent 51,033 passengers, with a total of 83,635 passengers, setting a historical record for the number of passengers arriving and leaving the station in a single day. Zibo’s May Day accommodation bookings increased by 800% compared with 2019, ranking first in Shandong.

  With the May Day holiday approaching, Zibo’s tourism, commerce and transportation are all facing the pressure brought by the larger passenger flow. The official of Zibo Wenlv said that the tickets for the May Day train from Beijing South Railway Station to Zibo were sold out in less than one minute. It is estimated that more than 120,000 people will go to Zibo on May Day, and the travel orders will increase by more than 2,000%, reminding the public to come to Zi at the wrong peak.

  The staff of the Propaganda Department of Zibo Municipal Committee also said in an interview with the media a few days ago that it is expected that the passenger flow will increase greatly in the coming May Day holiday, and the local authorities will focus on making plans for tourism services, market supervision, traffic security and other aspects in the near future, focusing on improving the city’s service carrying capacity to meet the peak passenger flow during the May Day holiday.

  Zibo special

  Experience local eating methods such as dipping cookies in sauce, barbecue and shallots.

  The government manages well and quickly intervenes in consumer disputes.

  The first explosion in the hot path of Zibo barbecue was in early March this year. At that time, some bloggers made a small video about eating barbecue in Zibo, which was widely circulated. Because it still retains the nostalgic features of traditional barbecues such as open-air, small carbon table and do-it-yourself cooking, coupled with the local characteristics of eating small cakes dipped in sauce, rolled barbecue and shallots, it is considered by netizens to be quite ceremonial, which has aroused the curiosity of many netizens for a time, and the traffic has followed, and the network hot stalk of "three-piece cake oven with dipping materials and soul barbecue" has also been born.

  Only by the unique way of eating, Zibo barbecue may be a hit, but it can’t be repeated for a long time. The Zibo municipal government also has a new opportunity to show its urban management ability through barbecue. On March 10th, the local press conference introduced that March to November was planned as the "Zibo Barbecue Season", and the "Zibo Barbecue Festival" would be held on May 1st. The recommendation activity of "Golden Furnace Award" for famous barbecue shops was also launched, and 250,000 yuan of barbecue coupons were distributed directionally.

  Subsequently, the video of the signboard, light box and the surrounding environment of Zibo Barbecue Network’s red dot and eight overall situations quickly changed, which once again won a wave of netizens’ goodwill; Zibo bus has a barbecue line, and taxi drivers memorize the addresses of various well-known barbecue shops; Zibo police patrol in barbecue-intensive places, saying that "everyone can eat barbecue with peace of mind, and we will guard it safely"; The government affairs hall will open a "special window for barbecue certification" to provide you with all the documents needed for barbecue in 20 minutes; Market supervision departments not only "guard" food safety, but also quickly intervene in various consumer disputes.

  After the Zibo barbecue network exploded, some netizens once questioned whether blindly catering to netizens to do open-air barbecues was an environmental cost for economic development. The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that in fact, as early as 2015, Zibo issued the "Notice on Carrying out Special Governance Action for Open-air Barbecues in the City", and the local media said that Zibo explored the "Zibo Sample" for the governance of open-air barbecues that was both distinctive and practical.

  According to reports, Zibo has issued "Ten Norms" for barbecue management, which clearly stipulates the barbecue business premises, the use of stoves, the use of purification devices, the configuration of trash cans and the use of speakers, and supervised the listing of "smokeless barbecue compound" and "environmental protection smokeless barbecue business points".

  Statistics show that from 2015 to 2022, there were more than 331 new barbecue enterprises in Zibo, including 476 in 2022, more than 100 more than the average level. Zibo barbecue has been managed in a standardized way for many years, and a long-term management mechanism has been established, which not only retains the distinctive features of Zibo barbecue, but also makes it impossible for the occupation of roads and oil fume pollution to rebound. The barbecue management has achieved no pollution, no nuisance, good order and good city appearance.

  look into the future

  Attract outstanding talents and business operators to invest.

  Convert network sound volume into urban development kinetic energy

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that as an old industrial town, Zibo was once the third largest city in Shandong after Jinan, the provincial capital, and Qingdao. Until the mid-1990s, Zibo’s overall economic strength has been ranked third in Shandong Province, which is a veritable "Lu C". However, in recent years, due to the backward production capacity, Zibo ranked seventh in Shandong Province in 2019, and the ranking remained unchanged until last year, and the difference with Jining, the sixth place, remained close to 100 billion yuan in recent years.

  Like other former industrial cities, Zibo is also facing the only way of transformation. "Barbecue" is just a business card that brings attention to Zibo and reflects Zibo’s urban management and business environment. In fact, Zibo intends to use this barbecue to break the circle, build a new network red city brand, attract outstanding talents and business operators to invest, and transform the network volume into the kinetic energy of urban development.

  On April 18th, the Information Office of Zibo Municipal Government held a press conference, saying that Zibo will strive to become a national logistics hub city with production and service. On the same day, Zibo released the construction of a new smart city in Zibo to the public. At the meeting, it was said that Zibo was listed as a national pilot project for direct access of government affairs data to the grassroots level. There were 13 data centers under construction in the city, and the total number of standard racks in use exceeded 30,000. Shandong Aite Yun Xiang IDC Big Data Industrial Park and Zibo Smart Cloud Data Center were selected as 4A-level provincial new data centers in Shandong Province, and Shandong Yellow Triangle T3+ Big Data Center, Luzhong Data Lake, Zibo Telecom Hub Building Data Center, Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Edge Data Center and Huantai County Big Data Cloud Center were selected as 3A-level provincial new data centers in Shandong Province. Zibo Industrial Computing Center was registered, and Jinan Supercomputer cooperated with Jinan Supercomputer to build a sub-platform of Jinan Supercomputer in Zibo, so as to build a computing industry ecosystem. In 2022, Shangtang Technology held an artificial intelligence infrastructure innovation forum in China Computing Conference, and jointly built China Northern AI Computing Innovation Center.

  Zibo seems to be attracting talents with a barbecue. In early March, the local government issued a document to provide free or preferential accommodation for young students who come to Zi for job hunting and employment. Obviously, it is intended to extend the flow of people brought by the barbecue to the field of attracting talents.

  Text/Reporter zhangxin Coordinator/Chi Haibo