[Flagship] How did Xiaomi 14 perform? Database measured performance, battery life charging, etc.

This week, Xiaomi released Xiaomi 14 series, and we also tested the battery life, charging and performance of Xiaomi 14 series. This article summarizes some graphic data of Xiaomi 14 for your reference.

The measured performance of Xiaomi 14 game: the average frame rate of Xingqiu Railway database 3.5 is 58.1 FPS, the power consumption is 6.1W, and the highest temperature of the fuselage is 46.9℃; The average frame rate of Protogod database 3.5 is 60 FPS, the power consumption is 5W, and the highest temperature of the fuselage is 44.2℃. The glory of the king’s 120-frame high-definition image quality: the average frame rate is 119.9 FPS, the power consumption is 3.1W, and the highest temperature of the fuselage is 40.2℃.(Ambient temperature 25℃ 0.5℃, screen brightness 350nit, sound 50%, performance mode)

Measured charging performance of Xiaomi 14: battery capacity of 4610mAh, charging power of 90W, peak power of 70W at 25℃, charging power of 37% in 10 minutes, charging power of 100% at the front desk in 36 minutes (the actual charging power is 94.02%), and fully charging in 50 minutes.

Measured endurance performance of Xiaomi 14:4610mAh battery capacity, 1.5K screen resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and 65% of the remaining power in the three-hour mild endurance test;

The remaining 18% of the five-hour heavy endurance test, the extreme endurance test until the shutdown, Xiaomi 14 insisted on 6 hours and 57 minutes.

All of the above are based onXiaobai evaluation databaseModel test,The ambient temperature is 25℃ 0.5℃, the screen brightness is 350nit, and the sound is 50%(5 hours of heavy endurance and extreme endurance test: performance mode) (the data is based on the latest version of Xiaomi HyperOS 1.0.6.UNCCNXM system test when Xiaomi 14 was tested).

Finally, routine emphasis:The endurance model is a high-intensity continuous test, and each user’s usage habits are different. The Xiaobai evaluation database is tested with the same variable and fixed model as much as possible.(The first 3 hours are the test under the card WiFi, and the traffic test is used after three hours).For your reference. The actual performance of specific users depends on personal habits.. Details about the test model of Xiaobai evaluation database can be replied in the background of WeChat WeChat official account.Database test manualIf you are interested, you can retest yourself.moreXinshijiMeasured dataAnd retest data of some models., small programs will be updated first., all dataSubject to the applet,Everyone can enter.Xiaobai evaluation database?Collect and mergeFree viewing.