Some civil servants in Henan go to work to play cards and games after the holiday (Figure)


  On the first day of work, the staff stretched frequently.

  I went to work on the seventh day of the lunar new year, one day earlier than last year, and I haven’t had enough fun yet, which is a bit of a fly in the ointment. It’s time to go to work. What about the arrival of some functional departments and jobs that are closely related to the masses? Have they been put into normal work?

  Yesterday, this newspaper sent a number of reporters to visit various administrative institutions and found that the situation was mixed …

  [Zhumadian] Play computer games all day.

  At 10 o’clock on the 13th, the reporter came to Zhumadian Administrative Service Center, just in time for the relevant departments of the city to check here, and the staff of all departments appeared at the service window on time. However, most people seem to have nothing to do, some are bored reading newspapers, and some get together to chat.

  In a "red flag window" of the business bureau on the second floor, a middle-aged man is playing a computer game called "spider cards" under the eyes of inspectors.

  At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter came to the administrative service center again and found that people had gone to the building in the windows of the Transportation Bureau and the Commerce Bureau.

  On the second floor, in the service window of the Health Bureau and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the staff are playing computer games. Finally, the reporter came to the "Red Flag Window" of the Bureau of Commerce and found that the middle-aged man who was playing games in the morning was still absorbed in playing "Spider Cards". Special correspondent Hou Weisheng

  [Xinyang] The licensing booth is busy during working hours.

  Yesterday at 2: 40 pm, the reporter came to Xinyang City? Jinniushan office in Hequ needs to go through a downhill road to get to the office area. The reporter found that the roadside snow on this road was not cleaned. After entering the hall again, a pool of dirty water blocked the footsteps, and the reporter could only walk along the border.

  There are three people sitting in the office on the first floor of the office. The reporter saw at the door that a staff member wearing dark blue trousers was making a phone call on the landline. Listen carefully, it was someone who was playing cards: "Do you have time to play cards?" Fifteen minutes later, three people walked out of the office, followed by reporters. They entered the office building of Jinniushan Judicial Office again, but they came out in less than five minutes. The man in dark blue pants was talking on his mobile phone at the door: "Three are short of one, do you have time to play cards?"

  After that, three people left the office area on a motorcycle that was on a "public security patrol". Chief reporter Yu Chao

  [Xuchang] The staff collectively left early

  Yesterday afternoon, Xuchang Administrative Service Center. Just after 4: 30, the staff at several service windows relaxed: some slept at their desks, some three or five people got together to chat, some read magazines, and some simply left the service windows.

  In the enterprise development service window on the second floor of the center, the female staff wearing grass green down jackets put on their handbags early, paced back and forth between the business window and their own windows, and prepared to go home from work. Finally, they laughed and "got off work" with several colleagues after 5: 08.

  At 5: 15 pm, many service windows on the second floor of Xuchang Administrative Service Center were almost empty. The security guard on duty at the center said that when you come to the administrative service center, you must come before 5 pm. After 5: 10, they all get off work and can’t do anything. Reporter Han Zhengqiang

  [Luohe] The three-story office building is empty.

  At 4: 30 pm yesterday, the reporter went to the office of the Party Committee and Township Government of Heilongtan Township, Yancheng District, Luohe City, and knocked all over from the first floor to the third floor, but no one was found.

  At 4: 43 pm, the reporter walked out of the office building. When leaving, an old man in the guard room stopped the reporter and let him have a drink in the guard room. After the reporter entered, he found that there were several small dishes and wine on a table in the room, and an old man was sitting at the table. "Our leaders all came to work today. You just left before you came. " Seeing the reporter leave, the old man who advised the reporter to "drink two cups" argued.

  Subsequently, the reporter drove to the Shabei office in Yancheng District and met a duty officer at the Comprehensive Management Office on the first floor. From the second floor to the fifth floor, only one staff member was seen in the typing room on the fifth floor. The staff member told reporters that he is a Party and Government Office. "The secretary of the Party Committee of our office has been at work today, he was here just now, and he may just leave now." Reporter Wang Yaocheng

  [Zhengzhou] "Don’t play games online to expose journalists"

  "I’m in a meeting. Wait a few minutes."

  Venue: Administrative Examination and Approval Service Center, Erqi District, Xinghua South Street

  At 9: 30 am yesterday, the reporter came to the service hall. The hall of hundreds of square meters was deserted. Only a man in a beige jacket stared at the computer and didn’t know what he was doing.

  The reporter said that he wanted to apply for a certificate. The beige jacket said, "There is a meeting. Please wait a few minutes." As for when it will be finished, "beige jacket" said he was not clear.

  In an "office" in the northwest corner of the office hall, the reporter saw many people sitting inside. Then, a voice came, "This is the first day at work. Don’t play games online to expose reporters." A man with a "flat head" said.

  When the reporter approached the door, a young man with glasses came out. "Glasses" claimed to be Chai and belonged to the office of the examination and approval service center. It was their person in charge who spoke just now. On the first day of work, all the staff in the service hall came. Many businessmen haven’t come back to other places for the New Year, but few have come to "do things", so they have a meeting to set the "rules". Chai also told reporters that on the first day of work last year, when they had a meeting, a reporter came over and insisted that they didn’t go to work and didn’t listen to the explanation. This year, they were cautious, "We can’t be wronged this time".

  "Maybe it’s a reporter. Stop talking."

  Venue: Administrative Examination and Approval Service Center of Zhongyuan District, Baihua Road

  In front of the counter on the first floor of the hall, three women are chatting in the counter. Seeing the arrival of a reporter carrying a camera bag, a woman looked at her partner and said, "Maybe it’s a reporter. Stop chatting."

  The reporter came to the second floor and saw women chatting on both sides of the service hall. There are three ladies in the room with the signs of "Urban Council", "Dog Certificate Collection Office" and "Land and Resources Bureau" on the north side of the east side. Among them, the lady on the east side of the sign of "Dog Certificate Collection Office" is still cutting her nails like no one’s watching.

  All the staff are on duty.

  Venue: Guancheng Huizu District Administrative Examination and Approval Service Center

  At 8: 50 am yesterday, the reporter came to the administrative examination and approval service hall of Guancheng Huizu District and saw that it was busy and they were cleaning. "I didn’t go to work for six or seven days, and some dust fell in the room." Wang Qiaorong, director of the service hall, told the reporter that there were 25 staff members in the hall. According to the fingerprint check-in and actual verification, the reporter found that all the staff members there were on duty.

  "There are many vacancies, but there are not few people."

  Venue: Jinshui District Administrative Examination and Approval Service Center

  Yesterday morning, the reporter came to Jinshui District Administrative Examination and Approval Service Center, where the staff was basically in place, and there were five or six stools vacant on the work table. Chief Feng, the inspector there, said that they were spare chairs, and there were twenty-seven or eight people there, except one who was sick and asked for leave.

  A wheelchair leaned against the "consultation duty" desk. Sun Jing of the District Disabled Persons’ Federation, who was on duty that day, said that although the work time was one day earlier than before this year, it had no impact on everyone. Because no one came to handle the examination and approval procedures, some staff members were busy sorting out the information, and some were busy on the computer, and the hall seemed very quiet. Reporter Liu Jizhong Zhou Xiaobo

  [Nanyang] The working staff is sparse.

  "Not going to work before the 15th day of the lunar calendar, many employees are sparse", the words of a civil servant in Nanyang were confirmed in Wolong District Court yesterday morning.

  At 9: 53 am yesterday, the reporter entered the court in Wolong District. Although the yard was full of police cars, there were few people in the office building. On the first floor, the doors of the ticket exchange office, the bank payment office and the filing hall are closed. In the office of the juvenile court in the south, a staff member is immersed in reading materials, and the adjacent office is open, but the other six offices are empty.

  After that, the reporters went to the second, third and fourth floors in turn. There were a few people at work in the Criminal Court, the People’s First Court, the People’s Second Court, the People’s Third Court, the Forensic Medicine Room, the Administrative Court and the Bankruptcy Court, and most of the rooms were locked. The reporter made a rough statistics, and the vacancy rate reached 80%. Reporter Zhang Dingyou

  [Jiaozuo] No vacancy was found.

  From 8: 00 am to 11: 00 am yesterday, the reporter visited several departments closely related to the masses, such as the letters and visits department of Jiaozuo Public Security Bureau, the price reporting department of Jiaozuo Development and Reform Commission, and the Jiaozuo Administrative Service Center. When the reporter inquired about relevant affairs as an ordinary citizen, someone was responsible for handling them.

  According to a staff member of Jiaozuo Administrative Service Center, since it was the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday, there was no particularly busy phenomenon. Although government agencies, industrial and mining enterprises have all gone to work normally, according to customs and habits, many citizens are still in the atmosphere of "Chinese New Year", and normal work will not start until next week. Chief reporter He Zhongyou

  [Zhoukou] The secretary and mayor didn’t go to work

  At 3 pm yesterday, the reporter came to Fengmu Town, Xihua County, Zhoukou City, knocked out the office building of the town and found only one person. "I haven’t officially started work today." A female staff member told reporters. "When do you officially start work?" The reporter asked. "The leader hasn’t said yet." The woman said. "Did your secretary and mayor come to work today?" The reporter asked. "(They) didn’t come today. The secretary and the mayor came the day before yesterday. " The woman said. "Isn’t today the first day of official work after the holiday?" The reporter asked. "We haven’t work here. "The leader told me that if something happened, I would go to work early. It’s all right. I’ll work for two days at night." The woman replied. Reporter Wang Yaocheng

  [Xinxiang] Some windows are empty.

  At 1: 50 pm yesterday, the reporter came to Xinxiang Labor and Social Security Service Center. In front of the fingerprint punching machine on the west side of the stairs, staff members punched in to work one after another.

  By two o’clock in the afternoon, two-thirds of the 58 service windows had staff, but in front of more than a dozen service windows, such as 17, 22, 23 and 26, there was still no one, and three or four staff members in some windows were "idle" and chatting together.

  The administrative service center is slightly deserted, and half of the staff in 46 service windows are absent. The reporter noticed that perhaps because some windows were relatively "unpopular", staff members sat in the office behind the windows, or drank tea and read newspapers, or did exercises. Reporter Wang Yanan

  Shangqiu mayor led thousands of people to plant trees.

  At 9: 00 a.m. on the seventh day of the first month, the southern section of Jinqiao Road in Shangqiu City was very busy. On the first day of work after the festival, 1,000 staff members from the directly affiliated units of Shangqiu City and Suiyang District of Shangqiu City came to their respective tree planting sites early and began to plant trees under the leadership of Mayor Wang Baocun. Digging holes, planting trees and watering are busy (pictured).

  In an interview with reporters, Mayor Wang Cun said that Shangqiu Municipal Government proposed to complete afforestation of 2.23 million mu in five years, and the forest coverage rate increased by 4.8 percentage points, so as to build a high-standard forest ecosystem, a developed forestry industrial system and an eco-cultural system with complete functions, remarkable benefits and good ecology, and take the lead in realizing the goal of building a forestry eco-city in the province. In 2008, Shangqiu will afforest 250,000 mu and plant 30 million trees.

  According to statistics, on the seventh day of the first month, a total of 100,000 workers from all units directly under Shangqiu City and all counties and cities participated in tree planting and planted more than 400,000 seedlings of various types.

Editor: Zhou Zhongxiao