"Eryang" rushed to the hot search, and the hot questions were answered!

  Just past the "May Day" holiday, the major scenic spots in the country were crowded. Some netizens were worried: Will close contact and the emergence of new strains be re-infected? Will the symptoms of "Eryang" be lighter than that of "Chu Yang"?

  Regarding "Eryang", let’s take a look at the expert’s interpretation of five hot issues!

  Is the risk of "Eryang" high?

  Li Dong, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Beijing You ‘an Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, once said:"For people who have been infected with Covid-19, the antibodies in the body are still at a high level. At present, the risk of secondary infection is still relatively low."However,The risk of secondary infection will still increase for the elderly and people with low immunity who have been infected for more than half a year.Because the resistance of this part of the population will drop faster, especially in the face of XBB.1.16, a virus with strong immune escape ability.

  Wang Guiqiang, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the First Hospital of Peking University, also said that the risk of secondary infection of the same strain is relatively low.However, the elderly and people with basic diseases have weak immune function and low antibody level, so they need to pay attention to both the new mutant and the risk of secondary infection. Such people should complete vaccination to reduce the incidence of severe infection."From the monitoring data, the number of cases in the country has increased, but there has not been a large-scale cluster epidemic." Wang Guiqiang said.

  Experts stressed that although the flow of people increases the risk of virus transmission, it is more aimed atPeople who are "not in the sun" should pay special attention to protection.

  Will the symptoms of "two yang" be lighter?

  Recently, many people have exposed positive antigens on the Internet, claiming that nasal congestion, cough and loss of taste still occur after "Eryang", but the symptoms are lighter than the first time.

  Li Dong once said,"for most people with normal immune function, even if they are infected twice, the symptoms will be lighter.There won’t be a large number of people infected in a short time like the first time. And the peak of the epidemic will not be as obvious as before, and it may show a slower peak. He once again reminded that people who have never been infected before, especially the elderly and people with basic diseases, must do a good job in personal protection.

  At present, according to the monitoring data of mutant in Covid-19, China,The local cases are still mainly BA.5.2 and BF.7 and their subdivisions.From the dynamic point of view,XBB and its sub-branches grew rapidly.Recently, XBB mutants have taken an absolute advantage in imported cases, and the proportion of XBB mutants in local cases has increased significantly. However, at present, there is no report on the increase of severe hospitalization and death caused by XBB.1.16 infection.Compared with other branches of Omikrongya, there is no report that the severity of the disease has increased.

  Will "Eryang" cause large-scale infection?

  On April 26th, He Qinghua, the first-class inspector of the Department of Communication and Prevention of the National Bureau for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism in the State Council.Recently, the national epidemic prevention and control situation has been generally stable, and the epidemic situation in various places is in a state of sporadic distribution.There are signs of a slight increase in epidemic situation in some areas.Overall,It is unlikely that there will be a large-scale epidemic in the country in the short term.

  He Qinghua introduced that the monitoring data of the national fever clinic showed that the national epidemic situation was generally in a low level of fluctuation, especially in early April, when the epidemic situation fell to the lowest level since December 2022.After mid-April, the number and proportion of positive cases in a single day showed a slight upward trend.

  According to He Qinghua, experts believe that judging from the wave-like epidemic pattern of Covid-19 infection and epidemic worldwide, with the passage of time and the decline of the level of immune protection of some people in China,Recently, the epidemic situation in some areas began to rise slowly, and the infected people were mainly concentrated in three types of people:Uninfected people;People whose immune level has dropped;People with immunodeficiency.

  Does "Er Yang" need medical intervention?

  On May 5, China CDC Weekly (CDC
Weekly) published "Pre-planned Study: Related Factors of Omicron Mutant Reinfection —— Guangdong Province, China, December 2022 to January 2023".

  This study introduced the re-infection of Covid-19 in Guangdong Province from December 2022 to January 2023. The results showed that,The risk of reinfection of Omicron mutant within 3 to 6 months after the initial infection is low. More than 6 months after the first infection with Omicron mutant, the probability of re-infection with Covid-19 increased obviously.Most cases of reinfection have symptoms;howeverOnly a few people needed medical intervention, and no critical cases were found.

  Regardless of the virus mutation or the time elapsed since the last infection, the protection given by the previous infection may help to reduce the incidence of serious illness after reinfection. The research team found that,The incidence of reinfection among medical staff is higher than that of other people.

  Is sore throat infected with COVID-19?

  After the May Day holiday, some netizens posted on social platforms that they had a sore throat, and the increasingly serious blade voice was similar to that when they were infected with COVID-19. They were worried about whether it was "two yang". # Is the whole country suffering from pharyngolaryngitis? # Once on the hot search, it attracted a lot of attention and discussion. Is sore throat related to COVID-19? How to distinguish?

  Pan Hongying, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, said,Clinically, it is found that patients who are infected with COVID-19 for the second time generally have mild symptoms and less obvious sore throat.If the patient does not have a fever, it means that it is asymptomatic or mild, then it is equally impossible to have a sore throat.

  Pharyngitis can be divided into acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis. Acute pharyngitis is caused by virus and bacterial infection, which usually manifests as upper respiratory symptoms, dry throat, sore throat, itchy throat and hoarse voice. Chronic pharyngitis is characterized by foreign body sensation in the throat and dysphagia.

  Covid-19 mainly invades the lower respiratory tract, and may also have symptoms of the upper respiratory tract. In addition to sore throat, there will be symptoms such as fever, dry cough and runny nose.

  Pan Hongying emphasized that if you have a sore throat, you don’t have to be too anxious to set symptoms without authorization.If you have fever and cough at the same time, and you suspect that it is COVID-19 infection, you can carry out COVID-19 antigen test yourself.

  If the test result is positive, you should pay attention to self-isolation and go to the fever clinic. If the test result is negative, but the sore throat is obvious and can’t be relieved by itself, you should also go to the otolaryngology department of the hospital to check out other bacterial infections.Doctor: Don’t worry too much.

  Li Dong, chief physician of infection department of Beijing You ‘an Hospital, said that there are many causes of pharyngolaryngitis, and 80% of them are caused by virus infection, such as influenza virus, Covid-19, respiratory syncytial virus and adenovirus. Therefore, if you have symptoms of sore throat, it is not necessarily because you are infected with Covid-19, nor does it rule out the possibility of other virus infections.

  Li Guangxi, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Guang ‘anmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told the reporter that it is impossible to judge whether it is "two yang" by a single symptom. There are many reasons for sore throat, such as not having a good rest during May Day and eating spicy and greasy food. Of course, if the immunity is poor, it does not rule out that Covid-19 will be infected.

  Li Dong once said that if there are symptoms of sore throat, people need not be too nervous and anxious. Generally speaking, if you are a person who has not had a positive reaction, if you have fever, cough and other symptoms at the same time, and you are worried about COVID-19 infection, you can test COVID-19 antigen yourself. If you are a person who has been positive, the symptoms of secondary infection are generally mild, and there are fewer symptoms such as sore throat. If you are not at ease, you can also carry out antigen testing yourself.

  How to treat pharyngitis?

  "Pharyngolaryngitis should be treated in combination with specific causes." Professor Li Jun, chief physician of jiangsu province hospital Infectious Diseases Department, said that if it is a bacterial infection, antibacterial drugs can be used for treatment; If it is a virus infection, such as influenza or COVID-19, antiviral drugs corresponding to the symptoms can be used, and some drugs for relieving pain can also be assisted.

  Li Guangxi said that it was already in long summer on May 6th, and the possibility of influenza or Covid-19 epidemic was particularly low after summer. Traditional Chinese medicine says that "healthy qi should be kept inside, and evil can be done", so as to maintain good living habits and work and rest, maintain good health, and treat the minor symptoms without psychological burden. "Sore throat, you can eat some traditional Chinese medicine for clearing away heat and purging fire, or drink some green tea, chrysanthemum tea, bamboo leaf water, mung bean soup, etc., all of which can relieve the pain."