DC movies Black Adam and Thunder Shazan! The wrath of the gods "exposure notice

1905 movie network news A few days ago, the brand-new DC superhero masterpiece (provisional translation) and Thunder Shazan produced by Warner Bros.! Wrath of the Gods made a surprise appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and released the latest trailers one after another. This time, the two DC superheroes, Black Adam and Shazam, are fierce, and will surely set off a new round of DC super-British trend in the world! In 2022, as the year of DC superhero movies, there were high-scoring masterpieces before, followed by Black Adam and Thunder Shazan! The wrath of the gods and other new DC forces have risen, which is full of expectations!

Thunder Shazan! Trailer of wrath of the gods  Click here to watch.

Shazam, Black Adam, predicts that the new DC forces will come to the fore.

As two new superheroes in the DC universe, Black Adam and Thunder Shazan! The trailer released by Wrath of the Gods is full of highlights. In the new preview of "Black Adam", Black Adam, who suffered from slavery, awakens completely and opens the road of revenge in all directions after gaining infinite power. On the other hand, four members of the Justice Association, Dr. Destiny, Cyclone, Eagle Man, and Atomic Crusher, also officially appeared, and launched the ultimate contest with Black Adam. Heaven goes into the ground, violently collides, bombards, the earth shakes, and the two sides fight or destroy the world or save the people. The power level of the DC universe is about to change, and all the unknowns cause countless conjectures and curiosity of netizens.

And in Thunder Shazan! In the brand-new trailer released by Wrath of the Gods, the bumpy road to super-English makes Billy, the hero, begin to doubt whether he deserves to have super powers. Compared with superheroes such as The Flash, Neptune and Batman, he decides that he is not qualified. But when the world is facing a crisis, Billy tries to unite everyone and fight for his family and the world. In addition, the two villains who made their debut in the film are particularly eye-catching, and will be played by He Qing, and the strange and fierce raging behemoth makes this war wonderful and interesting.

"Black Storm" opens up a new version of DC, or it will create a miracle beyond Britain.

Black Adam is a new super-British force in the DC universe, and its appearance is bound to break the DC energy level, expand the territory and establish a new order. The film "Black Adam" is directed by Zomi Chilard, starring, etc., and tells the story of a subversive superhero, Black Adam, who takes revenge after gaining divine power. This is another super-English film with unique topic and high popularity in DC Universe after Aquaman. This film may change the super-English pattern of DC Universe and create a new era of superheroes. As the actor of Black Adam, Dwayne Douglas Johnson spent many years trying his best to polish the role, striving for perfection in both external image and understanding of the role. He also mentioned in an interview that "this film is one of the projects I have devoted the most energy to for more than ten years. Believe me, I have built our Black Adam universe with full sincerity." The world’s first trailer released before received rave reviews, and the audience was deeply impressed by its shocking scenes, cool-burning confrontation and supernatural power. The new picture of this exposure made the audience look forward to the film and wait for the big screen to be released!

Shazam! returns to unite people to save the world.

As can be seen from the world’s first preview, "Thunder Shazan! The Wrath of the Gods follows the last story. After Billy was transformed into Shazam by divine power, he was troubled by his superhero status. This time, Shazam still kept his original intention, and his humorous temperament showed the public an alternative superhero. In addition to the hero Shazam, the biggest highlight of this preview is the villain role played by helen mirren and Liu Yuling, the daughters of Atlas, the giant god in ancient Greek mythology. This is the first appearance of the two villains, and the powerful aura of not being angry and arrogant makes people feel anxious for Shazam! This time, not only the powerful villains attacked strongly, but also various forms of fierce behemoths took the opportunity to destroy the world. The ultimate battle between good and evil is bound to surprise and make people look forward to it! The film "Thunder Shazan! The Wrath of the Gods is directed and co-starred by Liu Yuling and helen mirren. It tells the story that Shazam, who was in a low period, rallied for his family and the world and United all the people to fight together.

It is reported that the film "Black Adam" will be released in North America on October 21st. Wrath of the Gods will be released in North America on December 21st, so stay tuned!