"Hot Search" Tianjin roadshow audience praised: evil does not suppress positive blood boiling.

1905 movie network news The film directed by, starring, and starring is being shown. A few days ago, the closing station of the national roadshow of Hot Search "Sound All the Way" came to Tianjin University of Technology, and director Xin Yukun and actor Song Yang came to the roadshow to communicate with the students after the show.


In the movie, the girl who should have been at the "desk" was sent to the "wine table", but the girl who sought to speak was framed by the capital crocodile, became the victim of covering up the truth, and was pushed to the center of the topic and jumped off the building under the pressure of public opinion … … A series of shocking female dilemmas have made the audience sigh, "particularly empathetic."

After watching the movie, a female audience said that they were deeply touched by Zhang Xiaoying’s experience. "She is unfortunate and I am lucky." She also said that at the end of the movie, everyone stood up for her and was very moved. "I hope all girls can be their own superheroes, and they can bravely say no when they encounter things they don’t want or like."

After watching the movie, some students mentioned the control group of Amy Zhen Xi and Zhang Xiao Zhen Yu Tian in the movie, saying that they could feel Amy’s helplessness. Xin Yukun, the director, said, "This is a feature of changing times. The victim psychology like Amy is common, and Zhang Xiaoying’s mother will also block her daughter’s voice because of the traditional concept, so that the accumulation of ideas will make more Wang Shimin people reach out to young girls. The significance of Chen Miao is to break this vicious circle."

At the scene, another student noticed the book Rules throughout the film, saying that "the established rules may be wrong. If someone comes forward to question, we should think about whether what he proposed is the real rules". Director Xin Yukun responded, "Chen Miao, as a skeptic and a media person, finally wants to wake up the former victims through the media, let them unite and complete the attack on Wang Shimin through legal weapons, and the law is the sword that can finally sanction Wang Shimin".

A student who experienced cyber violence was touched by the movie. "I feel the same for the story in the play. If everyone is willing to speak, then the impossible will be completed in the end." If public opinion, society and law are twisted into a rope, I believe there is nothing that cannot be solved. " Director Xin Yukun praised everyone, "In the complex online world, if we really encounter something, we can make people stop being silent through law and public opinion, and there is a good result. This is our original intention of creation".