The special conference of the 3rd Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia and the theme promotion meeting of "Investing in Yizhuang" were held in Hainan.

  On March 27th, during the 2024 annual meeting of Boao Forum for Asia, the special conference of the 3rd Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia and the theme promotion meeting of "Investing in Yizhuang" were held in Hainan. It was officially announced at the meeting that the third Global Health Forum Conference of Boao Forum for Asia will be held in Beijing in July this year, and the achievements and prospects of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (Beijing Yizhuang) in building a world-class business environment, high-quality development of biomedicine and big health industry, and building a highland of high-level talents will be displayed, showing "the opportunity to become a city" and handing out an "olive branch" for attracting investment to global enterprises.

  "We welcome more entrepreneurs to choose Beijing Yizhuang for innovation and entrepreneurship, show their talents, welcome more enterprises to take root in Beijing Yizhuang and create unlimited possibilities, and welcome more major international projects to make breakthroughs and draw a beautiful blueprint in Beijing Yizhuang." On the theme promotion, Kong Lei, deputy secretary of the Beijing Economic Development Zone Working Committee and director of the Management Committee, sent a sincere invitation to the world on behalf of Beijing Yizhuang, welcoming enterprises from all over the world to start businesses and live in Yizhuang to create a better future.

  Based on the international platform, send invitations to the world through the media of the conference.

  This is a unique global invitation.

  "International platform" and "international organization" became the key words of this conference. As a platform for international cooperation and exchange, the annual meeting of Boao Forum for Asia attracted nearly 2,000 delegates from more than 60 countries and regions and more than 1,100 journalists from about 40 countries and regions. The conference was held at the main venue of Boao Forum, hosted by the Organizing Committee of Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum and the Beijing Economic Development Zone Management Committee, and hosted by Beijing Economic Development Zone Biomedical Industry Special Class and Shangyicheng (Beijing) Science and Technology Culture Group Co., Ltd.

  Facing the global spotlight, Beijing Yizhuang Station, located in the southeast of Beijing, is on the C position. At present, there are more than 90,000 market entities in Yizhuang New Town with 225 square kilometers, and 157 projects invested by 102 Fortune 500 companies have gathered. The number of high-tech enterprises per 10,000 enterprises is 1.6 times of the city’s average level, and the number of state-level "little giant" enterprises specializing in special innovation ranks first in the national economic development zone, with 0.35% of Beijing’s land contributing nearly 30% of the city’s industrial added value …

  Behind a string of figures is the business environment. Grasping that "the business environment is the lifeline of high-quality development", Beijing Yizhuang has continuously promoted high-level reform and opening up, high-efficiency factor allocation, and created a market-oriented, rule-of-law and international first-class business environment.

  "In July this year, the Third Global Health Forum Conference of Boao Forum for Asia will be held in Beijing. We hope to take this opportunity to invite you to take a walk and have a look at the Beijing Economic Development Zone." Kong Lei said that he felt the livable atmosphere in Yizhuang, Beijing, and felt a world-class industrial comprehensive new city with more integrated production cities, more talents, more complete functions and more vitality in generate.

  "1+N" Policy Escort to Build the Global Industry Highland of "New Drugs and Intelligent Manufacturing"

  "In order to better cultivate new quality productivity and promote high-quality development, we put forward the development strategy of" high-quality development, integration and upgrading ",promote" change "through" gathering ",optimize the industrial structure, upgrade the urban development level, and form the" 44637 "development system." Accompanied by Kong Lei’s introduction, the blueprint for the high-quality development of Yizhuang New Town’s industry is slowly unfolding.

  Among them, in the field of biomedicine and big health industry, Beijing Yizhuang has gathered more than 4,200 biotechnology and big health enterprises, covering all fields of medicine and health industry such as chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, modern Chinese medicine, new vaccines, high-end medical equipment and third-party service platforms. The industrial output value of the medical and health industry is nearly 100 billion yuan, accounting for half of Beijing.

  Last year, Beijing Yizhuang issued the Action Plan for Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone to Accelerate the Construction of Global "New Drugs and Intellectual Manufacturing" Industry Highland (2023-2025), striving to exceed 200 billion yuan in industrial scale by 2025, and promoting industrial agglomeration development from the aspects of focusing on innovative research and development, attracting excellent talents and cultivating strong ones, spatial agglomeration and ecological optimization. An industrial policy system with "1+N" structure was established, and special policies were issued for the two key tracks of cell gene therapy and high-end medical equipment.

  In addition, Beijing Yizhuang also provides comprehensive support in all aspects, such as spatial layout, common technology platform, fund, evaluation resources, communication platform and whole-process service system. Next, Beijing Yizhuang will introduce special policies for more sub-sectors such as smart medical care and synthetic biology, continuously optimize the full-cycle policy ecology, and accelerate the construction of the global "new drug intellectual creation" industry highland.

  A special fund of 1 billion yuan per year for talents provides all-factor support.

  "Beijing Yizhuang, as the main position of the capital to develop the real economy and high-tech industries, insists on taking talents as the first resource to support the high-quality development of the region, and comprehensively creates a talent development ecology that is near and far away." In the promotion process, Beijing Yizhuang also released the magnetic attraction of recruiting talents and attracting talents.

  At present, Beijing Yizhuang has iteratively upgraded the "Ten Talents" 2.0 policy, built the "Yi Qilin" talent brand, and identified more than 4,100 talents in Yicheng, gradually forming a talent yan zhen represented by 100 top and outstanding talents, 1,000 industry leaders, 10,000 young scientific and technological talents and outstanding engineers. Facing the talents in Yicheng, we will provide a broad development stage and comprehensive financial support for Beijing Yizhuang, and continue to empower the main body of employment, authorize enterprises to identify talents independently, and take a variety of ways to evaluate talents in a diversified way, such as "conditional filing, evaluation and evaluation", and provide high-quality living services from housing, education and medical care. Among them, 1 billion yuan of special funds for talent development and 10 billion yuan of industrial development funds are set up every year, and the financial support runs through the whole process of talent innovation and entrepreneurship.

  "Talent innovation platform is everywhere here, which makes talents feel more at ease when they enter the zone, and makes talents feel more at ease when they come here …" Beijing Yizhuang will provide predictable development prospects for talents in the world, and provide all-factor service support around the realistic scenes of talents running enterprises, raising funds, finding space, gathering teams and introducing technology. Especially for international talents, we are stepping up efforts to build the first million square meters international talent community in Beijing, which will be put into use at the end of the year.

  "We will uphold the concept of’ what the country needs is what Yizhuang wants to do, what enterprises need is what Yizhuang wants to do, and what talents need is what Yizhuang wants to do’, and with the greatest sincerity, we will provide you with the best service for innovation, entrepreneurship and investment …" The theme promotion is coming to an end, and the journey of attracting global innovation and entrepreneurship elements through the media of Beijing Yizhuang is beginning.