Film channel releases brand action, national brand film industry responds with many voices.

Special feature of 1905 film network From manufacturing in China to creation in China, China brand has continuously enhanced its global influence; From art categories to cultural business cards, China films continue to write about a better life. On the road of strengthening the country, China brand and China film will go hand in hand to achieve greater brand effect.


The newly promulgated the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China the State Council <关于加快建设全国统一大市场的意见>It is proposed to establish a super-large single market, which provides a better development space for the development of growth enterprises. May 10th &mdash; &mdash; On the sixth "China Brand Day", the film channel blew the assembly horn, and launched the brand action of "I am a strong country, and the country is strong for me" to integrate the live media activities, show the development story of China brand with film power, gather the strong power of China brand with film resources, and build a platform for China brand cooperation in the film channel.

From the flagship of domestic products to the film and television industry, many outstanding entrepreneurs in China shared their brand voices through live broadcast, and talked with representatives of the film industry about the mutual benefit and progress of China brand and China film. The live broadcast was hosted by the host and co-host of the movie channel, and was broadcast simultaneously on the entire platform of the movie channel, including Media Matrix, Central Video, China Film Newspaper, Weibo, Tik Tok, Today Headline, Aauto Quicker, WeChat Video, Tencent Video, iQiyi, Billie Billie, Baidu APP, Himalayan FM, etc., further igniting the audience’s enthusiasm for national brands and China movies.

Movie Channel Hosts Lan Yu and Miao Yao

Brand power, light and shadow escort

Movie channels build a common and win-win growth platform

The wave of digitalization has swept the world, and China brand is rapidly rising and going to the world under the joint efforts of innovative technology and cultural connotation. At the same time, it is constantly exploring new opportunities, opening up new roads and meeting greater challenges. It is an indispensable cultural sail, and it is also the core of strength for China films to become business cards for going to sea.


In recent years, following the national propaganda strategy, film channels have actively launched a large number of high-quality cultural products with widely recognized credibility, communication and influence. Talking about the reasons for launching this brand action, Dang Haiyan, executive director of Zhongying (Beijing) Media Co., Ltd., said that the film channel has the responsibility to create an influential platform for China brands for outstanding national enterprises and China filmmakers, and give full play to the resource value of the national all-media platform in the whole industry chain to support national brands.


Regarding the slogan of this brand action, "I am a strong country, and the country is strong for me", Party Haiyan bluntly said that movies are the embodiment of the country’s soft power and a business card to convey China’s culture and values to audiences at home and abroad. China’s movies have entered a golden period of development, and the level of marketization, industrialization and internationalization of movies has developed at a high speed. As a national professional film media, Film Channel shoulders the mission of being a film power and a cultural power, and has been actively contributing to economic and social development for a long time, successfully promoting a large number of outstanding corporate brands. China brand is the embodiment of national strength, and the film channel bridges the communication and cooperation between the brand and the media and between the brand and the film through its own advantages, so that high-quality communication resources can serve and nourish the brand and truly make the country strong.


Win-win together and share growth. Dang Haiyan said that the movie channel is mainly to give full play to its platform advantages, help outstanding enterprises to enhance product competitiveness, cultivate well-known brands, improve brand service system, promote brand internationalization, and continuously build an interactive platform between China brand, China film industry and China actors. Actively integrate film resources, promote cooperation between enterprises and films, cooperation between enterprises and filmmakers, cooperation between enterprises and film channels, such as brand implantation of key films, film investment, production, sponsorship, publicity, etc., such as film channel program content, large-scale activities, special tasks, advertising matrix, etc., so as to realize film promotion and promote films.


What kind of effective combination can China film and China brand achieve? According to Zhang Guohua, president of China Advertising Association, although the linkage between movies and brands started late in China, it has developed in a diversified way in recent years. In recent years, in addition to the conventional forms such as patch advertising, there are also multiple ways of playing, such as cross-border, co-branding, IP licensing, fan marketing, and movie tour transformation.


More and more brands have spread effectively through focus plane or its peripheral products, from "It’s too embarrassing for people to travel again" to "A Farewell to the West". When talking about the exposure of the brand in the film, Zhang Guohua said frankly that the audience would smile if it was well implanted, but the audience would frown if it was not well implanted, but the brand spread was realized anyway. He also pointed out sharply that at present, producers, brands and other parties have not paid enough attention to the brand-building potential of movies, and movie channels can build a bridge between them.

Brilliant screen, brand help

National brands actively respond to the call to action

At the beginning of the brand action horn, many national enterprises recognized it for the first time and actively responded to participate. Among them, there are both old partners who have grown up together with the film channel for many years, and new friends who are looking forward to starting a chapter of future cooperation.


In 2021, Junlebao officially became the strategic partner of the film channel and the chief partner of the film channel festival. Since the cooperation with the film channel in 2018, Junlebao has made frequent appearances in major events hosted by various film channels, such as film festivals and exhibitions, and has gained great reputation while participating wholeheartedly.


Regarding the trust, assistance and growth with the film channel, Liu Senmiao, vice president of Junlebao Dairy Group and general manager of the milk powder division, said through live connection that Junlebao’s popularity and sales volume have been greatly improved after cooperation with the film channel, and both sides have common aspirations for a better life. "For movie channels, it is most important to provide good works and columns to satisfy the audience. For our dairy companies, it is most important to provide good milk powder and strengthen the next generation. Both of them have a common pursuit for a better life."


During the Golden Rooster Awards last year, the activity of "Stars and Seas for Three Days and Three Nights" made Heng Yuanxiang, a national time-honored brand, appear through the youthful and fashionable clothes of a group of young actors, and amazed netizens with a brand-new "national tide". In the live broadcast, Chen Zhongwei, chairman and general manager of Hengyuanxiang (Group) Co., Ltd. pointed out that Hengyuanxiang, which originated in Shanghai, has been accompanied by China films since the 1920s, and the cooperation with the film channel is the reunion of the brand and China films.


"Brand is a very broad concept, not only a tangible business logo, but also more intangible added value," he continued, referring to the cooperation with film channels. "Film itself is a brand, and we have made great progress in industry, but we still need to show our values and cultural connotations to the world. Film can help us."


In fact, many national brands that are integrated into daily life or traditional folk customs have already become the lens elements of China’s films unintentionally. Yanjing beer is often a must for table and mood in movies that show life in Beijing. Xiaoli, the host of the film channel, visited Yanjing Beer Biotechnology Park, which made the live netizens feel the constant innovation of national brand feelings during the observation of beer production lines and the study of professional wine tasting methods.

Xiao Li, the host of the film channel, visited Yanjing Beer Biotechnology Park.


Through the live connection, Chao Geng, Party Secretary and Chairman of Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Co., Ltd., lamented the commonality between the corporate mission of "Ingeniously Building and Brewing a Beautiful Life" and the China film industry in terms of culture and quality, especially emphasizing that each individual has a wonderful story of "You Culture", which is consistent with the slogan goal of the film channel "Movies Sharing a Better Life".


As for Zhuyeqing, which is based on high-quality Fenjiu, Yang Bo, member of the Party Committee, director and deputy general manager of Fenjiu Group and secretary of the Party Committee and executive director of Zhuyeqing Industrial Company, pointed out that as early as the martial arts novels of famous artists such as Jin Yong and the old Hong Kong films of the last century, Zhuyeqing was the "martial arts wine" that became attached to movies. "Culture is not made out of money, and brands are not made out of advertisements. It is necessary to shape the brand culture from generation to generation and innovate and inherit on the basis of predecessors."


Jinjiang Hengsheng Toys Co., Ltd., which is famous for making the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, has actually become attached to movies because of the production of derivatives. During the connection, Lian Haian, the general manager, admitted that Hengsheng, as a film derivative manufacturer, enjoyed the bonus given by China film, and the rise of China film brand brought a lot of orders and market share growth for the company.

Film brand, mutual benefit and symbiosis

Film marketing agencies pay attention to China brand.

Listen to the thoughts of the representatives of various enterprises on "How to combine China brand with China film", and representatives of many film distribution and marketing agencies also joined the live connection of "I am strong for the country, and the country is strong for me" to discuss the win-win issues of brands and films.


Huo Wenxi, the CEO of Emperor (Beijing) Culture Development Co., Ltd. and the operating president of Emperor Entertainment Group in Hong Kong, moved to Beijing from Hong Kong, China in 2011, and expanded the new field of "grounding gas" through continuous learning. In her view, it is necessary to work together, keep pace with the times, dare to innovate and break through, and only by doing the best quality content can we achieve a balance and win-win situation between the brand and the film.


Beijing Infinite Freedom Culture Media Co., Ltd., which has been a hot film such as marketing planning, has long been focusing on film and television marketing, taking joint investment+publicity and development integration and new entertainment marketing as its development direction, thus realizing the industrial empowerment of "marketing+".

Taking the cooperation between the series and JD.COM, and the cooperation between the director and Alipay’s Five Blessingg short film as examples, Chairman Zhu Weijie pointed out that movies can empower brands and enhance their influence, and there are many good ways to play them, hoping to continue to set a benchmark for the industry with more interesting cases.


Beijing Film Company Tianxia Culture Communication Co., Ltd., a domestic hot film such as marketing planning and Hollywood blockbusters such as Harry Potter series, has made a number of investment attempts in nationalized film and television projects while focusing on precision marketing. Through the experience of Hollywood film marketing, CEO An Yugang said that the film should be made into a brand first, and then it should be strongly linked with the brand. Even overseas films should pay attention to the integration with the cultural spirit of China when marketing in China.

The horn sounded, and the brand action of "I am a strong country and the country is strong for me" officially kicked off. To share a better life, we need China movies to blossom and China brands to embrace each other. Share growth, create beauty together, and the movie channel will continue to escort.